Digital document storage system disadvantages you should know about!

Digital solutions be it for a necessity or a luxury have us all hooked to them. Not only do they make tasks easier for us but also save a lot of time compared to the conventional alternatives. Just as social platforms have replaced the need to meet friends and family more often to catch up with them, businesses have also adopted a plethora of digital solutions to increase team productivity.

Digital document management systems are one such system. The growing trend of making everything more accessible by having a digital solution has made many businesses opt for it. Companies with several offices across different cities prefer having their important documents available online so that they can be easily accessed or shared whenever needed.

No doubt, if we start listing the benefits of online document management systems most of us will be convinced that they are worth a shot. But are there any disadvantages to opting for a digital document management system?

Let us help you understand digital document management systems a little more by analyzing their apparent cons.

Vulnerable to hacking

Storing and managing documents digitally means making them accessible to the online community. One of the primary document storage system disadvantages is the security risk it entails. Although every cloud-based storage or management system offers some level of security they do not guarantee 100% protection. Cyber-attacks have become so common with hackers becoming more skilled with every attempt that no matter how secure your system might claim to be, there is still a chance a hacker can break into it.

Like on-premises file storage, online documents are also vulnerable to security breaches. Hackers can make use of information as ordinary as a normal employee with a certain level of access to the company’s document management. One piece of code and boom the entire system becomes vulnerable.

As much as we all want our online information to remain confidential, these hackers have absolutely no ethics and boundaries. So, if you want to opt for a digital document management system, keep in mind that it will entail some level of security risk.  

Enhanced IT required

Instead of occupying physical space, the document management systems make use of the virtual space in your PCs. The digital document management system requires an internet connection to work. From uploading documents, creating backups to accessing them, everything requires a stable internet connection.

Since companies have a lot of data that they want to keep confidential, they usually opt for enhanced security systems on their document management systems. This insinuates the need of having a better and well-equipped IT department.

Not all employees are used to new technology. Many find it extremely difficult to get the hang of a new software system. A good IT team is required to train them with the system. Further, hardware systems are prone to errors as well. The more people using a particular system, the higher are the chances for the system to go corrupt.

At times, people use plug-in devices that have viruses. Document management systems are sophisticated, and a computer virus tends to corrupt the entire system. Without enhanced IT equipment and a skilled IT team to run it, the smooth running of the system can be a hard nut to crack.

Additional costs & support

With enhanced IT equipment come heavy costs. To work seamlessly on the document storage systems while preventing security breaches at the same time, companies need to have high-tech systems that can do just that. Such equipment is expensive and not every company can afford to have it. However, if the company is willing to work with the online document storage systems without it then they can.

Moreover, for continuous support in case of software glitches and other technical issues an experienced IT team is also required. This also adds to the extra cost the company must afford for a seamless workflow. At times, the old IT team does not have the right skills or is not trained in high-tech systems. In that case, the company either needs to hire a resource adept at that technology or bear the costs of getting the entire team trained on the new system.


There are innumerable advantages to digital documentation that cannot be ignored. But it is wise to think about its downside as well in order to make an informed decision. With the ease of accessibility comes the vulnerability to cyber-attacks as one of the major document storage system disadvantages.

So, before you decide to go digital with your document management, make sure you know what you are signing up for. With the aforementioned document storage system disadvantages, we hope you find just the right document management system for your business.

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Digital document storage system disadvantages you should know about!

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