Coworking Office Space

Coworking Office Space Dubai

Coworking Office Space Dubai

Imagine a work environment which offers all corporate facility yet feels as comfortable as your home. Sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it? Not in the present world! Now you can enjoy a perfect combination of both home and office at Back Office coworking space.

This innovative way of working has been recently adopted by many self-employed workers as well as multinational companies. Creative shared office spaces are shaping the industry by promoting a healthy working environment. This methodology has a positive impact on business growth, improving employee productivity to a great extent.

Coworking Dubai / Affordable Co-Working Spaces‎

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an affordable space to rent? Or a freelancer who’s finding the perfect place to work? In either case, a coworking space can put an end to your search. A coworking space provides a perfect environment for hardworking individuals to work with other professionals.

As compared to a traditional office, coworking space has people belonging to multiple fields, performing different kinds of work. Not only such places promote strong networking and communication skills, but it also creates a sense of community among the workers.

Simplify Your Office Life

We believe in smart working solutions, that’s is why we provide simplified coworking office spaces in Dubai.

At BackOffice we offer your businesses give cutting edge overhauled workplaces and units with individual workspaces of different sizes, and you can pick the workplace suiting your requirements. All spaces are completely comprehensive and are valued by the size, which means you can control your spending limits and move in.

We provide flexible desk spaces to suit your business needs through which you can improve your expert connections by sitting and working close by different individuals steadily. Boost the advantages of time & cost benefit by leasing out a space for yourself or your colleagues.

This becomes an ideal business working arrangement is for the individuals who work from home or for people who are still on their way to explore and kickstart. You can explore substitute areas and possibly work from the workplace when important.

360 Degrees Services

  • A prime location in the heart of Dubai which is easily accessible
  • Fully furnished office arrangement with high end designs to suit your business necessities
  • A dedicated crew of reception and administration colleagues that comes as a part of the package
  • Completely practical and easy to use facilities without compromising on corporate office feels
  • 24/7 Internet Services included in package
  • 24-hour security and complete access control
  • Provision of administrative staff to manage all phone calls, postal mails and critical support

3 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Are Great for Your Career

3 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Are Great for Your Career


We all know that the star ingredient in the recipe of your business is your employees. Whether it’s a newly launched start-up or a well-known business empire, happy workers can help you run a stable and profitable company. Enhancing productivity might be your next goal to achieve your corporate targets but your office facility might not the perfect place to make it happen.

An alternative to a traditional workplace is a coworking facility. A coworking space is a shared professional area where freelancers, remote workers, and other businesses work together. According to a 2017 Cushman & Wakefield report, the demand for coworking facilities has increased to 15% per year. This shows why choosing such spaces are ideal for your business growth.

If you’re still confused about investing in shared professional spaces, here are a few reasons to help you make a decision.

Improved Productivity:

The impact of good ambiance has a significant effect on the productivity of workers. Not only it helps you focus more but also contributes toward better physical and mental health.  Researchers have concluded that people concentrate better at shared office spaces. This decreases stress and burden leading to a healthier life.

In addition, other skills such as socializing and communicating with colleagues also improve due to the friendly environment.

A Variety of Networking Opportunities:

One of the many benefits of a coworking space is networking. There are several groups of freelancers and professional workers belonging to different career fields. Each one has expertise in their area of practice and can prove to a great business resource for you.

Communicating with a diverse group of people will improve your networking skills and open a gateway to opportunities for your career. These collaborative coworking environments can help you better understand the market trends and help you easily penetrate in the industry.

Expert Advice:

Another prominent advantage of coworking spaces is the availability of mentorship. Working in a strict office environment can leave you exhausted. In such cases, meeting deadlines and making the right decisions become extremely challenging. A coworking space provides access to experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who can guide you in tough times. Such places organize regular meetups ad workshop for the growth of their clients.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to kick start your business or boost your freelancing career, Back Office is here to help you. We offer comfortable yet professional coworking space in Dubai. The facility is located in the centre of the city making it easier for clients to access. Along with high-quality amenities and well-trained staff, we offer a wide variety of business resources including 24 hours of internet availability and a responsible office administration. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today at 044 327 666 and book your new workstation.

Key Benefits of Coworking Space:

Coworking spaces are gaining popularity in the corporate sector, however, not all facilities cater to your business requirement. Only a reputable and recognized company can fulfill your business needs. And Back Office is the first name that comes to the mind of many Dubai based companies.

Coworking Services Provider – Coworking Dubai office spaces

Our coworking Dubai services can help you enhance employee productivity by decreasing added workplace distractions. Your workforce will be surrounded by other experts and professionals providing constant motivation and guidance. Our fully equipped facilities allow easy access to all professional amenities to help you create a long-lasting impression in the industry.

Thrive with Back Office Coworking Spaces:

Back Office has created a safe and secure place for small and large-scale businesses to flourish. We believe in a strong sense of community and provide tons of networking opportunities o our clients. Located in the heart of Dubai, Back Office provides a perfect arrangement for businesses. Our administrative staff and facility crew are well-trained, ready to help you at all times. We also provide high security and 24/7 availability of interest. Make your work life easier by getting in touch with our representatives today. Call Back Office at 044 327 666 to learn more about our services.

Find Your Co-Working Space in Dubai

Find Your Co-Working Space in Dubai

The idea of remote working is gaining popularity among millennials. The concept is not only being implemented by small businesses but also becoming a significant part of fortune 100 companies in the world. Well-known organizations and brands prefer hiring freelancers for designing and marketing related tasks. Work-from-home days are also becoming a norm in many enterprises contributing to employee productivity. This new trend has increased the need for a peaceful yet comfortable place to work from.

Therefore, most digital nomads are in search of an engaging workspace suitable for their profession. People are interested in a casual ambiance with a hint of professionalism and this exactly what coworking spaces are here to offer.

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, who is looking for a perfect coworking space to satisfy his professional needs, here is what you need to do before investing in an office space in Dubai.

Consider the Location:

The area and location of a coworking space have a huge impact on your career. A coworking office space located in the heart of any city can make all the difference. It can reduce your travel expenses and provide you endless opportunities when it comes to networking. A central location makes it convenient for your clients to reach you in person.

Do a trial:

Many coworking offices in Dubai allow customers to stop by and take a trial. This provides a clear picture of their services and offers an insight into their professional environment. Therefore, it is better to check the facility out for personal satisfaction. This will help you make a better decision and choose the place according to your career and temperament. It also makes it easier for newcomers to decide whether they want to commit for a long period of time or not.

Check reviews:

co-working space reviews

There is no doubt that the word of mouth has great importance. If you are confused about the facilities and reliability of a service provider, check the customer review of an organization. A reputable coworking space will have a five-star rating and customer reviews. It will provide you a first-hand experience of their services and help you avoid fraudulent companies and imposters.

Compare price:

As the cultural to work from hope is becoming popular, more coworking office spaces are popping up in the market. You might come across several coworking spaces in Dubai when searching for your dream office. However, not all of them are worth the money and time. If you’re confused between a couple of options, its best to compare qualities offered and pricing of the shared space.

For affordable pricing and high-quality services, BackOffice is the best coworking office space in Dubai. The staff and office administration are experienced and well trained. The facility is fully furnished providing high speed internet and uninterrupted power supply at all times. Our coworking office spaces also provide a wide range of networking opportunities for all. For more details, contact us at 044 327 666.

The Modern Way Of  CoWorking

With dynamic technological advancements, the methods of working are changing dramatically. Organizations are shifting from traditional work arrangements to modern, cost-saving techniques. One of the current ways of doing so is the use of ‘coworking office spaces’. Now what is coworking? The term has been first coined by Brad Neuberg in 2005. He was an intrepid entrepreneur bearing big dreams of being successful. He was the first man who built a coworking office space in San Francisco. Initially, it remained an unpopular phenomenon, but now it has become a global trend with an annual growth rate of 24.2% in most cities of the world.

The Modern Way Of WorkingIn contrast to traditional offices, coworking spaces have people belonging to diverse fields and performing different kinds of work. They come together in a shared physical facility where they not only get an opportunity to build strong networks but it also creates a sense of community among all. In such a shared professional area, diverse range of people and businesses can work together like freelancers, remote workers and other businesses. According to a 2017 Cushman & Wakefield report, the demand for coworking facilities has increased to 15% per year. It clearly makes it evident that choosing such a space is very important for your business growth and profitability.

Booking a Coworking Office Space in Dubai

Coworking in Dubai is made simple with our diverse portfolio of collaborative and affordable shared office space in the region. Booking a coworking office space in Dubai is an incredible option for those businesses as well as individuals who wants to reduce cost of establishing a technologically advanced physical facility. They have an option of paying only for the number of desks they require for their operations. Our coworking Dubai office spaces are best coworking office spaces fully equipped with everything you need to start working, including business grade internet, fully furnished office arrangement, a dedicated crew of reception and administration collegues and 24-hour security

The Innovative Way of Coworking

As we promote innovative way of working, therefore, we are quite flexible in the provision of coworking options to our clients. Whether you are searching for a permanent desk or a last-minute temporary workstation, coworking Dubai office spaces can be easily booked online, over the phone or in our centres. Thus, if you are eagerly looking for coworking space near me, then Thus, if you are eagerly looking for coworking office spaces near me, then don’t worry. Back Office is your one-stop solution. We assure you to provide the best coworking office space where you can work in a sustainable fashion.

It will not only keep you to in pace with current business practices but it will also help you in maintaining a healthy work environment at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for? It’s a win-win call for entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs and multinationals. Come avail it as soon as possible.

Dubai Co-working Space

Dubai Co-working Space

In search for a co-working office space in Dubai? Want a fresh and peaceful atmosphere to manage your business? Time to end your search, as BackOffice has the solution for your problem. This might have sounded impracticable in the past, but a working atmosphere with all business facility and as comfy as your home, is possible in the current world, with BackOffice. Co working spaces were first introduced by Brad Neuberg. Initially this idea was not appreciated but later it proved beneficial for businesses in many ways such as savings, etc. It has an annual growth rate of 24.2% in many cities of the world. This advanced way of working is attracting many multinational companies and self-employed workers.

Dubai Co-working Spaces

Best Co-Working Office Space in Dubai

Back office provides the most affordable and best co-working office space in Dubai. Reserving a co-working space is not only a good option for those who are new in the business field and wants to pay only for those desks which they reserved, but also for larger organizations. Our co-working Dubai office spaces are fully equipped with everything you need to start or manage your business, including business grade internet, furniture, communal kitchen spaces, 24-hour security, a steadfast squad of reception and administration coworkers and much more. So whether you are a hardworking freelancer, multinational, SMEs, or an entrepreneur, co-working Dubai office space is all what you need to take your business to the next level.

Best Co-Working Office Space

In BackOffice co-working office space, people belong to numerous fields and carry out diverse kinds of work. So this not only promotes communication skills and strong networking, but also creates a sense of brotherhood or community amid the employees. It was reported by Cushman & Wakefield in the year 2017 that the demand for co-working facilities has improved to 15% per year.So from this report it can be easily be concluded that such a system effects business growth and employee productivity in a constructive manner.

Eagerly looking for co-working spaces near me? Our co-working office space is located at a prime location. A location which is near to all the places associated with a business. With us, you will not have to move much physically or cope with tiresome rental contracts, neither will you have to worry about the space and associated office handling facilities, as this all will be our concern. We guarantee to provide the best co-working office space in Dubai. This will not only allow you to keep yourself updated or informed with what’s going on in the business industry but will also let you to maintain a healthy working atmosphere at an incredibly affordable rate.

best co-working spaces in Dubai

BackOffice strongly believe in smart working solution, this is the reason why we offer you the best co-working office space in Dubai, so that you can take your brand where you have always imagined it to be. Isn’t it a win-win call for you all? Definitely it is! Come and benefit yourself with it as soon as possible.

10 of the Freshest Co-Working Spaces In Dubai

Co-working spaces are becoming more and more popular in the corporate sector these days. But providing a co-working space according to your business requirements is not everyone’s cup of tea. So when looking for the best co-working office space in Dubai, BackOffice clicks to the mind of many companies based in Dubai. This is because we are well aware of the financial issues, an entrepreneur, afreelancer and small team faces when opening an office to start a business. Full fledge offices are very costly these days. They require proper management and time. For that reason, BackOffice helps you in achieving your goal by providing you the best physical space to work, equipped with the latest technology and services vital for productive operations.

Best Co-Working Office Space

People find it hard to work in a noisy environment, so by lessening the workstation distractions and by providing professionals to your workforce which give them the required guidance, we help you to increase your employee productivity. So if you really want to create a long-lasting impression in the industry, try us. Following is a list of newly found Co-working spaces other than BackOffice in Dubai;

  1. One Space
  2. Co Dubai
  3. NEST. 
  4. NASAB by KOA
  5. A4 Space
  6. Wit work
  7. Let’s work
  8. Our Space
  9. Nook

Although we are also regarded as a fresh company but we have the experience greater than any of the above. With all the facilities being provided by us, from furniture to up-to-date technology, from 24-hours security to highly trained staff, we can be easily regarded as the next level co working office space providers.


Co-working Space DubaiBy booking us you get many benefits. Firstly you will get to pay only for the time you booked us. Either it is for an hour, a day or a month. In this way we allow our customers to pay less and save more. Secondly you will get to enjoy a cooperative workspace. This is idyllic for companies looking to network. Thirdly your employees will get a professional working environment which is very important for any business to succeed. Also our professional and committed staff will always be available to guide you in your day to day operations. Last but not least you will get all these at very affordable price. Enjoy this icing on the cake!

Co-Working Services

Our co-working services can be booked effortlessly, either online or in our centers and over the phone as well. It is not easy to compete in today’s world because of the increasing competition in the market. But we make it easier for you to maximize your business output with our advanced technology-based office setup. So whether you are looking for eleventh-hour temporary workplace or for a permanent desk, remember BackOffice co-working services are just a phone call away! Want to know more about us? Check out the hyperlink given.

Coworking office space near me

Our Coworking Office space makes your work easy to manage. Since you don’t have to physically move around or manage tedious rental contracts, this makes it easier for you to choose. You do not have to worry about the space and associated office handling services, just let us know your needs and we will make sure to arrange the same; be it for an individual or a group. Give us a call today at 044 327 666 and let us help you leave a long-lasting impression in the corporate sector.

Best Guide to Coworking Space in Dubai

Best Guide to Coworking Space in Dubai

Creativity knows no boundaries. And for people with an “open mind”, being confined with four walls of their office or home can negatively affect their performance. Where some people work better in an environment with calm and quiet, others tend to like the noise around them.

This is why, for people with a creative side, individuals who gain inspiration for work from other, co-working space is a great idea.

◈ What are the best co-working spaces in Dubai?

But, what is a co-working space? Is there any co-working office space in Dubai available at the moment?

coworking office space, coworking office space in DubaiIn easier terms, co-working office space means sharing your work area with others. Individuals from various fields of interest and companies share an arrangement like infrastructure, utility etc, reducing the daily expenditure, which otherwise would have fallen on a single shoulder.

Dubai is an expensive country. You may earn a good amount of salary, but when paying the bills for your working arrangement or home utilities, you’re pretty much left with nothing to save. So, for individuals who opt for co-working in Dubai, are the ones able to save for their retirement.

Looking for some good and convenient coworking office space near me? Here are some of the best co-working office space in Dubai, that definitely helps you get inspiration for performing better and cut down the cost of monthly utilities:

1. Back Office

Back office provides the most affordable coworking Dubai office spaces. For fresher’s who cannot pay heavy monthly rent for their work arrangement, Back Office gives them a fair opportunity to share their space with fellows and work in a highly comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

2. Our Space

Our Space is situated atop of the amazing Lamborghini Showroom on Sheik Zayd Road. It offers a relaxing work environment along with virtual PA facilities, in-house massage therapist, yoga classes and much more, all in a price that is super affordable for everyone.

3. UNA

This space is located at Town Square in Al-Barsha. Not only does UNA offer co-working space for hardworking individuals, but it also provides other necessities like wifi, meeting and boardrooms, cafes and restaurants. It even has a recreational area so that when you feel exhausted, a trip to the area will refresh you!

4. Astrolabs

Are you a techie looking for a co-working space in Dubai? Than Astrolabes at Cluster R, Jumeirah Lake Towers is your place! The membership package includes IBM and Google partnerships for Entrepreneurs, spacious working space, coffee bar, device and coding labs, and everything that you will need to make your tech projects successful.

5. A4 Space

If you are short of money yet wish to have a co-working space with every possible facility than A4 Space is the place to go. It is located at Alserkal Avenue and can be used by the public free of cost.

Co-working spaces in Dubai are a great way to save money for fresher with nothing in their pocket. You won’t have to worry about paying heavy bills while still enjoy amenities that facilitate your work towards success. So, try these places out and choose one that suits you best!

Contact us here to know more about a comfortable and useful Coworking office space in Dubai.

Coworking Space Dubai Marina

Coworking Space Dubai Marina

The saying “sharing is caring” goes absolutely right when your all alone, low on money and need to survive. For people who live a single life and have just started off on their career path need motivation, guidance and way to cut down on expenditure.

Working on your own in an office-like space and paying heavy bills all year round in Dubai will break your backbone with a burden. Thus, it is more feasible to go for “coworking office space in Dubai”. The coworking office space is all about getting your own area for work while sharing the bills and other facilities which help you save a good few bucks every month!

  • Why opt for coworking in Dubai?

Dubai is expensive! Although this country has a lot of business and growth opportunities but survival here is rather difficult unless, you earn big bucks! And because most individuals live their alone and earn alone, thus for them, going for coworking space JLT is the best of options.

But what actually makes Dubai coworking a worthy option to look out for?

Here are some advantages of coworking Dubai office spaces that’ll make you think again:

  1. Save on Utility Bills

When renting your own space for work, you’ll of course need all the facilities that aid you. And so, you’ll be paying off the services you use including internet, electricity, water etc. for people who earn pretty average in Dubai, coworking makes survival easy for them. Rather than paying the bills all on your own, you’ll be sharing the burden with others just like you!

  1. Enjoy Facilities

From electricity to 24×7 availability of the internet, the best coworking office space in Dubai offers it all to you. With a corporate like home environment, you’ll be now peacefully jotting down on your ideas without any worries.

  1. No Barriers or Limitations

Do you work better in a surrounding with no pressure and limitations? Well than, coworking is best for you then! Coworking office space provide you a corporate like home environment where there are no boundaries to tie you. You’ll be free to work by your own rules, be comfortable in your own little space and be productive.

  1. Socialize

Another great thing about coworking is that you get to meet new people and work with geniuses, either from your own field or variable fields of life. You get to share ideas and learn something new every day!

  1. Increased Productivity

No limitations mean more productivity! How? This is because you won’t have to work straight from 9 to 5. You’ll be given projects and time to work on it, which means you can wake up whenever you want and start working when your most productive, hence, delivering better results every time.

Looking for a coworking office space near me? Back Office offers the best working space to you, packed with all facilities that will help you exceed. And yes, the environment here is absolutely friendly and safe to work in!

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