Your ultimate guide to choosing the right document management system

Gone are the days when people only relied on storing and managing physical records. Document files are not only difficult to manage but also entail a risk when it comes to unforeseen accidents. Every business has information that it wants to keep confidential. The document management system of every company ought to have restricted access to them.  Not all employees should have access to client files and the company’s data. 

Just emails have replaced phone calls as the first line of formal communication with their employees and clients, cloud-based storage systems are without a doubt replacing physical records. Companies get to save heaps of space that is otherwise used for keeping stacks of files. Further, managing files digitally is much more convenient in terms of sharing information with clients or employees.  

With cyber-attacks constantly alarming companies about the security of their digital documents, choosing the right cloud-based document storage and management service has become even more important.  

If you are looking for document storage and management service for your company and cannot seem to decide which one to go for, here are a few factors you ought to consider before making the final call.  


The first of your concerns of course has to be security. Just as with physical records, companies do not want confidential information to get in the wrong hands. Companies have a lot of crucial files they tend to keep even out of the reach of their employees. Different levels of security are provided with each type of document management systems. At times, certain systems offer only limited security. Read about the terms and level of security carefully so that you fully understand what kind of protection you are getting with it.  

An ideal document management student should allow you to restrict access to certain folders. The system should have features that allow you to change access permissions and control so that you can restrict certain folders for your employees while sharing the rest for more seamless management of information. So, look for the ones that come with this option.  

Storage space 

The reason why we all absolutely adore online document managers is because of the kind of storage they require. A couple of terabytes just exists on your PCs and does not require physical space at all. But even with the cloud-based document storage systems you get limited space. At times, the recommended package works out just fine for the businesses but that is not the case with all.  

What you should be looking for is a document storage system that lets you expand the storage space you like.  Many cloud-based systems do allow that. It is the cost that makes all the difference. Look for a system that is economical not only at the time you are buying it but is also reasonable when it comes to buying more storage in the future after exhausting its set limit. There are monthly as well as annual subscriptions. Pick the one that best meets your company’s needs.  


One of the major reasons why companies prefer online document management systems is the ease of their accessibility. No matter where you are, documents are just one tap away. When it comes to ease of use in terms of accessibility, document storage/management systems have their own compatibility. Like other software, these systems can be accessed by various devices as per their limitations.  

An ideal document storage system should have compatibility with smartphones. Having a system that can be accessed by smartphones facilitates the companies as one can even view and share files even on commutes.  


Even millennials find it hard to get used to work-related technology. Millennials include people who are currently in their 30s. When we talk about companies that have been in the business for quite a while now, the employees, as well as the employers, are mostly in their late 30s or older. These people have a conventional mindset and find it hard to adapt to digital systems. Whether your company has the majority of their employees who are old or in their youths, the document management software needs to be user-friendly. 

A user-friendly document management system entails an intuitive interface with straightforward features. The system must be easy to get the hang of. So, pick a system that even the older generations find easy to use for a more seamless workflow.  

Final word on document management system

In a nutshell, a good document management system goes a long way. Choosing the right document management system is a crucial decision that a company makes. Keep in mind that switching to another one will be a grind. So, take your time and take the aforementioned factors into account when making the final decision.  

Good luck! 

Your ultimate guide to choosing the right document management system

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