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Providing robust and secure records management services for your business.

Secure & Reliable

Records management system with enhanced security and double authentication provides better security than physical records keeping that is comparatively easier to be broken into.

Services We Provide

As one of the foremost documents management companies in UAE, our clients can rest assured their private and confidential records are safe with us. We can expertly store your documents and also manage digital files.

Document Storage Services

At Back Office, we offer you the opportunity to accelerate your documents into digital media content for ease in storage and retrieval saving you cost as well as time.

Document Digitization

Our scanning solutions will leave you stress-free, save your precious time and let you handle your data efficiently.

Documents Scanning

We provide the most secure, reliable and cost-effective way to destroy your sensitive information & records. You’ll gain peace-of-mind knowing your business documents are shredded by our well-trained specialists

Record Destruction

Back Office offers professional document archive management solutions for all business organizations in UAE. Our wide range of services will eliminate the need for purchasing expensive management software.

Retrieval Utility

State-of-the-art Record Management Systems & Facilities

Our record management services in Dubai are aimed at helping organizations manage their internal and external records, and protect the confidentiality, integrity and quality of all their historic and present data.

Sectors We Serve

We provide records management services to some of the most renowned customers belonging to the industries below.
Small & Medium Enterprises
Legal Firms
Financial Institutions & Banks
Health Care
Government Organizations
Multinational & Large Businesses

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