How Record Management Companies Do Record Destruction?

Record Management Companies

Record management companies ensure to keep your essential documents preserved. While discarding the non-essential records after their retention time. This keeps the Record management cycle running smoothly, making the Record management process efficient and reducing the amount of data to be stored.

Record destruction is as important as preserving the records. Keeping those records that the company does not need can cause problems for the company. Suppose a company had a client 15 years ago who caused fraud at that time. The client destroyed the records on his end, but the plaintiff’s lawyers found that records were still available in the company. So, the company now becomes a part of the lawsuit simply for not destroying old records on time.

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Process of Record Destruction 

Authorized Destruction

Company authorizes the destruction through formal approval. The primary thing involved in the authorization process is the retention schedule. When a company outsources record management services, it shares the retention schedule, making the destruction process easy. Moreover, when and how the company destroys the records, is documented and reported to the company.

Irreversible Destruction

The Record management company destroys all the physical and digital records in such a way that they are impossible to restore. Any unauthorized information release may occur if improper destruction occurs. The more sensitive the records, the more certain the company must be of the irreversibility of the destruction process. For digital data, special IT experts make sure to remove them from the system and destroy them permanently from network drives and other electronic devices.

Secure and Confidential

The confidentiality of the records is always important when a company manages records. The company should provide the same security level to the records in the destruction stage as in the active life.

Timely Destruction

Records’ regular and timely destruction is essential to maintaining an effective, transparent, and efficient records management system. Records management company Destroys the records after their retention time is over. Delay in the destroying process can cause problems like storage issues, the Records lifecycle disturbance, and other legal issues.

Environmental Friendly

Many record Management companies consider the environment when destroying records. When digital and paper records are destroyed by companies most environmentally friendly way is preferred. For example, for paper records shredding is better than burning paper.

Methods Used For Record Destruction

Companies use various mediums to store data. So, these companies use different methods to destroy records.

These methods ensure the confidentiality of records and ensure no data is retrievable.


For Paper Records, the best methods include shredding, pulping, pulverizing, or macerating. Burning is another excellent method, although it is rarely used since it is harmful to the environment. Companies shred or burn the records that are water repellent or other durable paper.

Non-Paper Media

Non-paper media include the records in audiotape, videotape, microforms,  photographic films, etc. These are destroyed by pulverizing, shredding, and chemical decomposition/recycling.

 Electronic Records

Electronic records are very common these days. These also destroyed by the company after some time. The most common method is crushing, shredding, or incinerating. Other methods are high-level overwriting, which renders the data unrecoverable, or degaussing/demagnetizing.


Summing Up

Record destruction is significant for every company as data destruction is data protection, and Companies providing Record management services do it through a proper procedure. Businesses should have basic information on how their record management company handles their data. So, this article guides you on how companies destroy your data.


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How Record Management Companies Do Record Destruction?

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