Business Records

Top record management mistakes you have got to look out for

Record management is one of the most integral parts of every business. Businesses that are working with multiple clients are keeping records of some sort every other day. Seamless record management can save you from numerous business hiccups and delays. Regardless of reiterating its significance over and over again, businesses still tend to make numerous […]

Tips and tricks to organizing your digital document storage more efficiently

Whether you are running a company or working for one, digital document storage is always a hassle. Companies struggle with managing their documents even with advanced cloud-based document management systems. Having a digital or cloud-based management system does not mean you do not have to worry about the organization of the files. Like on-premises document […]

How Long Should You Actually Keep Your Business Records

In the modern paperless era, record management looks extremely boring. However, documents such as sales invoices, tax returns, bank statements, expense receipts, and payroll records come with a lot of legal responsibility. Even if you don’t use them for future reference, businesses are legally obliged to save essential data for a certain amount of time. […]

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