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Are you an entrepreneur looking for an affordable space to rent? Or a freelancer who’s finding the perfect place to work? In either case, a coworking space can put an end to your search. A coworking space provides a perfect environment for hardworking individuals to work with other professionals.

Coworking and Private Offices‎

As compared to a traditional office, coworking space has people belonging to multiple fields, performing different kinds of work. Not only such places promote strong networking and communication skills, but it also creates a sense of community among the workers.

What is the concept of coworking?

Coworking is a service provision model for small businesses and self-employed individuals. This includes entrepreneurs, freelancers, and innovators working together under a shared roof. The office equipment and other amenities are the responsibility of the owner of the building.

Coworking is one of the most effective and productive concepts of the modern age workplace. It is widely accepted all around the world and has been recognized by tech giants such as Google and Facebook. People are more inclined towards such workplaces that promote independence, conform and professionalism.

Coworking Office Space | Affordable Co-Working Spaces‎

What are the benefits of coworking?

A coworking workplace offers many perks to small businesses, freelancers and young entrepreneurs. Due to the countless benefits of coworking spaces, this new and innovative is quite popular among millennials. Along with a professional environment, such offices feel as comfortable as your home giving you the best of both worlds. Here are some of the many advantages of a coworking office.

  • Cost-effective:

Coworking spaces offer budget-friendly monthly charges to their clients. The monthly fee is usually nominal and depends on the size of your team.

  • Improved productivity:

Working at home can be distracting. If you’re looking for a safe and professional environment for your next big project, Coworking Dubai office spaces is your best option. The people around you will serve as a constant source of motivation. It improves concentration making you more focused to achieve your target

  • Endless networking opportunities:

Since there are multiple startups and self-employed individuals working under one roof, there are numerous opportunities to socialize and gain exposure.

  • Comfort and additional facilities:

A coworking space consists of spacious and well-furnished meeting rooms and conference halls. On-site fitness center, health club and cafeteria are also available for employees in such facilities. The availability of high-speed wireless internet access is also guaranteed at all times. The administration and management of the building are responsible for all kinds of repair and maintenance.

Coworking Office Spaces in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Coworking Office Spaces in Dubai

Coworking Dubai spaces are gaining popularity with time and the UAE s no exception to it. People prefer to work in such places rather than in a typical office environment. If you’re looking for a reputable coworking space in Dubai, reach out to Back Office. Our coworking facilities are adequately furnished and well equipped with all the required amenities. Give us a call today at 044 327 666 and let us help you leave a long-lasting impression in the corporate sector.

Next Level Coworking Spaces in Dubai

Are you having financial constraint? Couldn’t afford a full fledge office setup? No worries! Back Office is the one step solution to all your physical space related problems. Your dream to work in a next level office space can be fulfilled now at an affordable price. In consideration of the best office facilities, the price you will pay will be minimal. Back Office will provide you best coworking office spaces in Dubai that will not only come up to your expectations but will also fulfill your need perfectly.

Shared Office

We completely understand that entrepreneurs or freelancers usually face financial constraints but they want the best physical space to work as it is one of the essential ingredients for success. Therefore, to assist you in achieving what you desire for, the Back office is here with next level coworking office space in Dubai with up-to-date technology and facilities essential for productive operations. It simplifies your office life and helps you in adjusting to ever-changing official dynamics. As the competition in the market is rising up, it makes it even more difficult to compete. With advanced technology-based office setup, now you can not only compete well but can also increase your business prospects.

Next Level Coworking Spaces in Dubai

One of the advantages of using coworking office spaces is that it gives an opportunity to professionals that they can interact with one another and extend their social circle. Networking is the bi-product of coworking Dubai. It entails that when different businesses and professionals work with each other in closed vicinity then they develop a mutual sense of ownership within themselves and ultimately it helps them in building strong ties with each other. These ties give them mutual benefits and facilitate them in achieving their short term as well as long term goals. Don’t miss out the opportunity of strong networking and go a step ahead to build your business.

Co-working Space in Dubai

Our coworking office spaces meet all the pre-requisites of being called as the next level coworking spaces with the provision of 360 degrees services. The best part is that it is located in the heart of Dubai which is easily accessible. Now you don’t have to worry about going to faraway places just to save cost. You can do it by sitting on the prime location in Dubai. Secondly, the other thing required for a next level coworking space is fully furnished office arrangement. It’s just a piece of cake for us! Our office structures and equipments are based on high end designs to suit your business necessities. Third, a dedicated crew of reception and administration colleagues comes as a part of the package. It is because we not only care about your physical space related issues but also workforce related problems. Therefore, our professional and dedicated staff will be ready to assist you in your day to day operations. Enjoy this cherry on the top!

Looking For The Ideal Workspace? Explore UAEs Largest Selection of Co-Working Spaces. Connect To A Lively Co-Working Community Today. Extraordinary Workspaces. Book Yours Now! All Facilities Included. Affordable Pricing. Fully Furnished. Flexible Rental Terms.

Hot Desks & Coworking Space in Dubai

What are the best co-working spaces in Dubai?

When the idea of coworking Dubai is coined, there are multiple brands that claim to be the best. Few of these include The Co-DUBAI, Sentinel Business Centers, NEST Dubai coworking space and various others. Although the aforementioned coworking Dubai office spaces claims to be the best but there are two attributes that differentiates Back Office from all of them. One is quality of service and the other is reliability. Our office spaces are not only for multinationals but also for private individuals who wish to have peaceful and serene place to work. The designing of our office spaces is done by top professionals so that productivity, collaboration, and innovation of our customers can be improved to next level. Among all the best coworking office space sin Dubai, Back office stands on the top.

Co-Working space Dubai

Back Office offers a variety of services to its customers each of the provided services is of topmost quality. One of the advantages of choosing Back Office coworking office spaces is that our clients gain access to the prime location of Dubai. It multiplies the chances of business growth to three times since it becomes easily accessible for its customers. Other advantages of using Back Office includes (1) Communication and IT (2) Multiple meeting rooms (3) Multiple receptions (4) Admin support (5) Dedicated switchboard number (6) Concierge services and many others.

Our offer is not limited to the above-mentioned advantages only rather we differentiate ourselves from others on the basis of the price that is charged for these services. You might think that like other Dubai coworking space providers, we also charge high for these services but it is not true. We keep your needs above our profits. Therefore, we are offering minimal prices for our services so it doesn’t leave a dent in the pocket of our customers.

Coworking Space in Jumeirah Lakes Tower

Back Office claims that it is the best coworking office space in Dubai located in Jumeirah Lakes Tower. The reason behind our claim is grounded in the features of coworking space:

  • Private office: Our coworking office space in Dubai is fully furnished & bespoke office solutions. It can be customized even more according to our customer’s requirements.
  • Co-working – Hot Desking: The scenery in front of our office space is great. We made sure that our customers get the option of working in natural light if they feel that it can boost up their creativity.
  • Guest: Remote and part-time workers looking for a professional working environment can work on their pay-as-you-go plan. It is up to them that they like to have an office space for a day or a month. They will be paying only for what they need.
  • Co-working – Dedicated: Dedicated, vibrant, and inspiring co-working spaces of entrepreneurs who wish to have a peaceful place to work. There are three easy steps to getting started (1) Sign-in (2) Pay for the space and (3) Scale-up as the business grows.

So rush and book your space before it’s too late.

Coworking Space Management Services

Coworking Space Management Services

Are you looking for a coworking office space in Dubai? Someplace where you can share your utility bills with others and have a decent work environment? The trend of co-working office space is become more popular today, especially amongst individuals who have started earning new and have little money to pay for their utilities all alone. Thus, for such youngsters with low incomes yet determined to make a brighter future for them, Dubai coworking space offers a great opportunity to start right

✦ Best Coworking Office Space

Imagine having a working space where you have your table, a cubicle, computer and every other corporate facility yet offers the comfort of that of a home. The thought itself is amusing of course. This is what a coworking space offers!

If you are looking for coworking Dubai office spaces, then contact Back Office right away! They are now renting out coworking space JLT for youngsters who wish to have a comfortable work environment that promotes creativity without any limitations.

Coworking Dubai is a feasible option for people who want to save something for their future. Although you can easily rent out a working space single-handedly, but the utility charges won’t let you take rest especially if you’re earning average. The biggest benefit of renting out a coworking space is that you’ll have a corporate-like work environment yet be absolutely free to do your thing.

Learn Something New Every Day

Coworking space is all about sharing your burden with others while owning your own space without having to worry about anyone else interfering.  Not only are you able to cut down on your expenses this way, but get in touch with other similar or different intellects and learn!

The fun lies here that you get to meet people from different fields of life, everyone either an expert in what they do or new to it. But either way, through conversations and commutes, you get to learn something new every day.

How to find a coworking office space near me?

Through Back office me for sure!

✦ What We offer?

Back Office is a complete facilitator, providing services that benefit you in every way. They offer the best coworking space in JLT today, thus satisfying you in every way and helping you grow. Here is what they offer:

  1. Fully furnished offices with facilities that are fit for business activities
  2. Within the heart of JLT so you don’t have to drive outside the city for long hours to reach your destination
  3. Affordable and spacious
  4. 24 hours security
  5. 24×7 internet service without interference
  6. The friendly crew at the reception to guide you through at every step of the way

You may find many organizations or places offering coworking space, but none can be better than Back Office. If you are genuinely looking for a place with like-minded people, a place that promotes creativity and is comfortable and secure then we at Back Office promise to facilitate you throughout your stay with us. We are a professional yet affordable service provider promising to keep you motivated!

CoWorking Office Space Near Me

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