What Customers want from Customer Support Services

Call center services have become increasingly common for a range of industries. Be it service providers, hospitalities, retail stores, or more almost every other business is acquiring call center services. Call center services, commonly referred to as customer support are an integral part of keeping the customers satisfied.

With cutthroat competition in almost every other industry these days, it is very easy for the customers to switch to other brands if they are not satisfied. So, what is it that the customer of today expects from companies or brands? Let us break down the common things a customer wants from customer support.

Prior conversation knowledge

Whenever a returning customer calls customer support, they expect them to have prior knowledge about the issue. If they have already registered their query, they do not want to have to explain it again. If the customer representative makes the customer explain their issue again, there is a high chance that the customer gets annoyed.

In many instances, customers simply leave because they get frustrated by having to explain their issues over and over again. Customers of today’s world do not wait. Customer support should be equipped enough to quickly evaluate what the customer is talking about or have a complaint number perhaps that could be fed into the system to access the information.

Clear conversation tone

Be it a local or an international service provider, customer support ought to have a neutral accent. By a neutral accent, we mean that it should be clear enough to be understood by the majority of people. If there is a difference in the accent of the customer representative and the customer, it can create a communication gap between them.

Either of the two might not be able to understand the other person. Customers can get frustrated having to explain their point over and over again. Therefore, it is always wise to have bi-lingual or multi-lingual customer representatives to converse with customers from different backgrounds.

Feel heard and valued

Customers want to be valued and feel heard, there is no denying that. One of the most complained things about customer representatives is that they are not sensitive towards the customers. It does not take a lot of effort to show empathy to the customers. All the customers want from the support team is to listen to them patiently first and then give them affirmation about solving their problem.

By hearing the customers out and solving their issues at your earliest, you make them feel valued. If the customer does not feel valued they will definitely think about switching the brand or company. Losing a customer because of bad customer service has become extremely common. Make sure you are not making the same mistake.

No call transfers or holds

Of course, all of us have been at the receiving end of getting our calls transferred by customer support. There is nothing as frustrating as having to explain the issue to a call center agent only to get your call transferred to another one. Call transfers can devastate the customer. They waste a lot of time and transfers that involve more than two agents simply reflect how incompetent or clueless the support team is about the issue.

Further, long holds can also be very frustrating. The customer support team should have a proper hierarchy to manage complaints so that the customers, as well as their time, do not get wasted. The team should be trained on the most frequently asked questions and issues. They should also have a proper manual guide for the products/services offered.

More support channels

It is the age of technology and having just one channel for your customer support just won’t do. Not every customer is comfortable with talking over the phone. Many still prefer writing about their problem to having to speak about it. Although many brands and companies already have multiple support channels not all of them are as active as their phone call or live chat feature.

By having more support channels, we mean that all of them should be active. Customers should get a timely response regardless of whichever channel they might be using. Make sure you have customer representatives looking after all the support channels, not just the call center-based support.

Final verdict

Customer is truly the king in this world of market. Customer needs ought to be valued and taken care of. So, if you want to increase your customer pool and make sure that your customer sticks around work on the aforementioned things. You will do just fine!

With that, it’s a wrap from us!

What Customers want from Customer Support Services

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