Customer support

Drawbacks of poor customer services

Bad customer services yield bad results; it should not be a surprise to you. Poor customer services are still a very common thing even in this digital age. In fact, given how concentrated the global market has now become, contact centers seem to have been managing more than their capacity. Poor customer services affect businesses […]

Choosing the right Contact Center services for your business

Contact center services are one of the most tricky ones to get around with. Not every business can afford to set up its own contact center. Especially when it comes to start-ups and small ventures, having a dedicated contact center can be a tough nut to crack. In the post-pandemic world, outsourcing has become the […]

Benefits of Multilingual Customer Support

Customer support is a must-have department for every business these days. Today’s world has become more inclusive by embracing diversity. Whether you are a local brand or a global one, it goes without saying that embracing diversity is essential for you. It is not necessary that every customer you have speaks your language. While catering […]

Why brands should have a live chat feature as a support channel

With how fast-paced society has become these days, it is only appropriate to expect on-point solutions and answers to one’s queries through a live chat feature. Be it a multinational company website or a start-up social channel, the customers almost always expect the quickest way to connect with the brand. They do not want to […]

What Customers want from Customer Support Services

Call center services have become increasingly common for a range of industries. Be it service providers, hospitalities, retail stores, or more almost every other business is acquiring call center services. Call center services, commonly referred to as customer support are an integral part of keeping the customers satisfied. With cutthroat competition in almost every other […]

Call center services for Healthcare benefits

Call center services offer a dedicated customer support to a plethora of industries. When it comes to the healthcare sector, there are a range of ways in which the sector can benefit from the call center services. With an ever increase in the work for healthcare sector, there is definitely a need for dedicated services […]

How actual calls trump AI in call center solutions

With everything seeping into the digital space, you would find Artificial intelligence everywhere. While artificial intelligence has made things easier for us there are still instances where human interaction is important. from chatbots to recorded phone calls, businesses all over the world are looking for ways to facilitate themselves at best. Take chatbots for instance. […]

How outsourcing offers economical call center services 

Call center services have become a must for the majority of the businesses. With customer support forming an integral part of many businesses, call centers provide customer support 24/7. For many businesses, starting a call center department from scratch is too long a wait. Additionally, not every company has enough resources or space to say […]

How to make call center services more real and empathetic

You should not be surprised when we say that the call center services these days have become so robotic that people think that they are talking to the AI. Consistency is great but there is a reason why there are actual people on the other side of the phone. The call center agents are meant […]

How are Teleservices in Dubai changing the dynamics of businesses

Digital revolution has transformed businesses completely. The marketing looks a whole lot different from what it used to be now. Everything is primarily done through a digital screen. Online platforms, be it social ones or e-commerce websites, have huge outreach and almost everyone has access to them. But this does not mean that the teleservices […]

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