Customer care on socials; how to improve it

 Handling customer care on social media platforms can be a hard nut to crack. The power of social media is a global phenomenon now and it is a given how important it is for businesses to have a strong social media presence.  

Almost every other business from a range of industries has social media profiles. People these days are using social media to get to know about companies, their products, and shop from them more than ever. With that comes the responsibility of effectively managing social media queries.  

Social media queries can get the best out of a customer care representative, we agree. But engaging with these queries has also proven to be a vital part of a brand’s overall reputation.  

Having good customer care on socials is the key to keeping a lot of your customers hooked to your brand or company. If you have been struggling with it, worry not as this article is just for you! So, let’s help you improve your customer care on socials. 

Be quick in responding  

It is safe to say that social media has become the easiest way to reach out to businesses. Even if a person is slightly interested in your product, they could send you a query just to know more about it. It is important that each of those queries gets a response. Time is money and nobody wants to wait for long to hear back from a company. 

Be quick in responding since you never know you may be talking to your next loyal customer. The key is to anticipate the general queries. You can have their answers auto-saved so that every time such a query pops up, you have an answer ready. This saves a lot of their as well as your time.  

Have occasional polls about your products/services  

One way to identify how well your customers or people for that matter know about your business is by having polls related to your products. Instagram lets you have polls on your stories and the viewers can vote for the answer they think is right.  

These polls will do two things for you. They would allow the audience to engage directly with the business which is always a great way to get their attention. You will be able to understand how much your audience already knows about you. These insights can help you better equip your customer care on the knowledge about your services/products. You will be able to anticipate the customer queries and prepare replies accordingly.  

Engage with the bad reviews as well 

The majority of the businesses try their best to avoid bad reviews. Reviews always remain on your Facebook page and it is the reason why you would see brands doing their most to avoid them. Once you get a bad review, there is obviously no going back from there. 

What you can do is engage with it. Make sure you don’t go on a full defensive mode since it is something that comes out naturally. Engage with them in a very respectful way. Tell them that you want to improve and reach out to them personally if required. Remember, the goal is to improve not prove anything. Even the most popular brands have bad reviews. It is how you deal with them that sets you apart. So, engage with them and give your audience the impression that you are willing to make amends wherever required.  

Monitor your responses  

In order to improve your online customer care, you need to monitor your responses. At times, the responses get too wordy or more information than a customer can take. For doing better at customer care on socials, companies need to identify what kind of response works for what type of queries.  

If you are getting a lot of queries regarding a certain product or service, you could make an explainer video or a visual post around it. This can serve as an effective means to educate the target audience about it. This is called strategic customer care which is essentially what you should strive for.  

Summing up 

Customer care should not only be limited to on-call support. Having proactive customer care on socials goes a long way. With every other person on social media these days, expect a whole lot of queries on your socials and do your best for an even stronger social media presence.  

With the aforementioned tips above, we hope you learned a thing or two about what you essentially came here for.

Do let us know what you think in the comment section below! 

Customer care on socials; how to improve it

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