How actual calls trump AI in call center solutions

With everything seeping into the digital space, you would find Artificial intelligence everywhere. While artificial intelligence has made things easier for us there are still instances where human interaction is important. from chatbots to recorded phone calls, businesses all over the world are looking for ways to facilitate themselves at best.

Take chatbots for instance. Whenever you open a website, a chatbot pops up asking you if you need any help. This chatbot is run by AI that can keep the customers engaged. All the queries are recorded and can be answered either immediately if the chatbot has an answer to it or later. This chatbot does not need to be monitored by a human and can work 24/7.

But when it comes to serving the customers, listening to their complaints or feedback, can the customer trust an AI with it? It is not a surprise that we all need human interaction when it comes to critical things.

In this article, we will explain how actual calls made by humans are the most effective way to go about in call center solutions.

So, let’s just get to it right away:

Human element is more trustworthy

Customer support is incomplete without having a human to talk to on the other side of the phone. When it comes to recording a complaint, people are weary of it as they do not trust if they would ever hear back from the company. At times, registering a complaint without having to talk about it feels useless. Instead of AI or an option to get your complaint recorded if you have a call center agent to guide you through the process, the trustworthiness of the customer in the process increases significantly. Customers are more likely to ask for help if a human addresses their query instead of a chatbot. This shows that there are still a big faction of people who would like to talk to an actual person meaning that support center calls still matter.

A channel to talk directly to businesses

Contact centers or call center solutions work like a channel between the customers and the businesses. The customers find a means to directly talk to the company and get heard. If a certain company does not have a direct means to contact them it could be a real bummer for the customers. For instance, a frustrated customer would not be satisfied by what an AI chatbot has to say. In such instances, only a call center agent would be able to address the query in the most appropriate way. Companies can lose vulnerable customers at the hands of technology. Customer support agents are also able to establish more connections when it comes to talking to the potential customers. So, call center agents in call center solutions can be a real game changer for businesses looking for growth.

Solve queries or address problems on spot

Another great benefit of having a call center agent make and pick up calls from your customers is on spot help. At times, the customer queries that come in can be solved by self-service. All that the customer needs is a tad bit of guidance from the customer support representative. Instead of having to make your customers wait for queries that don’t require much, it is always wise to provide on spot help. And AI or chatbots are not actually capable of providing that kind of help. So, a lot of queries can be resolved if it is a call center agent on the other side of the phone.

Summing up

Call center solutions with humans leading are still a much smarter option than going for artificial intelligence. A lot of the grind at the customer as well as the company’s end could be avoided with the human element in the call center solutions. While you may think that chatbots are a convenient option, actual calls still matter to the customers.

New leads can be generated and old customers could be brought back with actual calls. There is still a lot that human interaction can achieve yet to be learnt by artificial intelligence.

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How actual calls trump AI in call center solutions

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