Records management trends to look out for

Covid 19 has completely transformed the way people used to think about data. With lockdowns all across the globe and the dynamics of work and records management trends have changed altogether. Working from home is the new normal and even after the lockdown has been lifted in most of the countries, offices are still operating at a 50% capacity. s

Records management used to be confined to special facilities within the office premises with tons of files and paper. But this has not been the case for the past couple of years. Not only has this changed but as the world becomes more tech-oriented, there are a lot of new trends that are gradually making their way into records management.

Let us have a look at some of the most anticipated records management trends that are going to have even more visibility in the upcoming years.

Collaboration for better accessibility

With shared files and documents gradually replacing the need to transfer information, it is no surprise that the same trend has made its way into records management as well. One of the reasons why records management has for the most part gone digital is its ease of accessibility.

Collaboration on digital platforms such as the cloud is just one tap away. While many companies prefer restricted access to records and data, the increased inclination towards a more collaborative approach has shifted the dynamics.

As for the recent records management trends, businesses want a central records management system that can be accessed by their numerous franchises for an easier flow of information. This can save a good deal of time that is otherwise spent on finding a certain file by a manager in one franchise to mail it to a manager in another franchise. The shared system enables all the employees with access to records to look up and download files without having to rely on the other person for it.

Advanced automation

While digitization has taken the record management systems to yet another level, there is still a lot of room for even greater ease. The cloud-based records management system allows the admin to organize files, name them, create subfolders, delete or duplicate, and arrange them however they want to for that matter. This has made managing records so much easier than the system.

Advanced automation is going to take it to another level. Imagine all of that happening automatically. Certain files get deleted after a set duration of time, folders get organized, named, etc. yes, this is exactly what this advanced automation has in store for you.

The high-tech records management systems will make your life even easier by allowing you to maximize your productivity through automation. With how automation is transforming different fields, its intervention in the records management department is clearly much needed.

Enhanced system security

As the records management trends insinuate towards a more cloud-based or online cohesive system for the data, security becomes the biggest concern. With everything available on the cloud, cyber attacks seem inevitable. In order to sustain the system, enhanced system security can be expected. Enhanced system security will be a step ahead of the double authentication or key-based authentication system.

As we talked about how companies are gradually moving towards a more collaborative approach, it means that more people will have access to the records. The latest records management trends hint towards role-based permissions. This means that not everyone will have access to the complete data records.

The type of access will primarily be based on the rank of the employee which will facilitate the entire team at the end of the day. Moreover, to avoid cloud-based storage mishaps, automated backups will also be introduced. The data or records will automatically back up after a set period of time so that if the data gets lost accidentally the backup can save the day.

Summing up

Digital transformation has paved the way for high-tech records management trends in the future. One can expect technology facilitating records management in numerous other ways.

In order to incorporate the latest records management features into your storage system, contact us today to know more about it!

Records management trends to look out for

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