In-House Vs Outsourced Document Scanning Services?

Document Scanning Services

When deciding to digitize, many companies don’t have an idea about where to begin. They don’t look for all options available and make a hasty decision. This can be a disastrous thing as digitizing or going paperless takes a lot of thinking and planning. So, if you are a company that has decided to go paperless and is now confused about the next big step, this article will guide you.

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You have gone through all research on how your company can benefit from going digital. The next step is to decide whether you want to have in-house or outsourced document scanning services. Let’s go through the benefit of each and then decide which is best for your organization.

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Scanning Services

1. Advanced Equipment

A company that specializes in document scanning will have up-to-date scanners. These will scan 100s of documents in a short time doing all the work efficiently. With these up-to-date scanners, you will not have to worry about any data damage.

2. Trained Staff

A document scanning company will have all the staff trained. The team has a clear idea about managing your large amount of data. They know how the scanning process is done. So they efficiently prepare, scan and index your documents. On the other hand, in-house scanning calls for staff training so they can handle your data.

3. Save Rent and Space

Going for an outsourced Document scanning company comes with the benefits of saving the cost you will have to spend on either buying or renting the scanners. Moreover, your office space will not fill up with scanners and piles of documents.

4. No Hidden Costs

While scanning documents in-house comes with many hidden costs that can be disturbing. When you outsource a company, they will share a fixed amount depending on how much data the company needs to scan. This will prevent any hidden costs that can disturb your budget.

5. Increased Project Management

A scanning company knows how to cope with different types of projects. They are well experienced in managing different types of projects and can give better suggestions about your business. If you are confused about what process is suitable for your business goals, then the company will guide you through the whole process.

6. High Quality Scanned Documents

A document scanning will have a well-organized procedure for scanning your documents. They have stations designed for each step, which means at each stage, experts manage your documents which means higher quality results.

Benefits of In-House Document Scanning Services

1. Project Control

An in-house scanning process helps you keep the controls in your hand. You can choose which hardware, software, and employees you want to use. Moreover, you have control over all the steps documents pass through. You can reconsider your priorities without any hassle.

2. Better Knowledge of Your Organization

No one can better understand the goals of your company but you. You will have a better idea of what you should prioritize and what can wait. This will result in a successful scanning project.

3. Save Effort on Unnecessary Material

In in-house scanning, you can go through all your documents and leave those documents that have reached their retention period. This will decrease 40% of the documents that need scanning and, as a result, will save time and effort.

4. Might Be Less Costly

If an In-house scanning is planned properly under strict restrictions and after trough planning, it can save a lot of costs. While planning, keeping an eye on hidden charges is essential to save costs. Otherwise, this whole process can turn out to be a mess.


Both In-house and outsourced document scanning services come with their advantages. If you choose to have an in-house scanning of your documents, you should have a thorough plan for how things will go. In other cases, you will end up with low-quality files and investment loss.

On the other hand,  if you choose to outsource a document scanning company, you should share all your goals with the company so that they can better understand your company’s requirements.

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In-House Vs Outsourced Document Scanning Services?

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