How are Teleservices in Dubai changing the dynamics of businesses

Digital revolution has transformed businesses completely. The marketing looks a whole lot different from what it used to be now. Everything is primarily done through a digital screen. Online platforms, be it social ones or e-commerce websites, have huge outreach and almost everyone has access to them. But this does not mean that the teleservices in Dubai have lost their significance. When it comes to getting in touch with the customer support, not many people have the patience to wait for a chatbot to reply to their query. Customer support on call provides them with instant support.

It won’t be wrong to say that Teleservices in Dubai are changing the dynamics of businesses one way or another. There are numerous benefits of teleservices that the businesses in Dubai are capitalizing on.

Let’s expound on it a little more to understand how it does so!

Reaching out to more people

Teleservices are making great use of getting in touch with people who are miles away from the company headquarters. These could be the potential customers of the company. This way companies can increase the pool of its customers by reaching out to them.

Calling them up may feel like old school but it still works. The teleservices give companies a chance to give a sort of a reminder to the old customers that they exist. The teleservices team can make a comeback into the old customers’ life by calling them and asking them why they aren’t using their services anymore. Reaching out to potential customers through it increases your chances to get more customers.

Opportunity to improve your business

With teleservices, businesses put their customer support team to action. This customer support team can register the customers’ complaints. Businesses can check what kind of complaints they are getting the most.

These complaints can then be addressed in the form of improvements. Other means like social media for instance are used more for bashing a certain business if the customer is not satisfied. It can get messy if you try to engage with the customers who are posting on your social media pages or accounts. Therefore, it is better if the businesses get to interact with customers through teleservices in Dubai.

Better support provision

With teleservices comes great customer support. Teleservices provides a means for the customers to register their queries to. Customers like to talk about their queries or issues over the phone rather than through chatbots. In most cases, their issues need to be addressed on an urgent basis. Chatbots are slow in that regard.

Teleservices provide better support services through their most-of-the-time (business hours) availability. People trust customer support provided through calls more than AI chatbots. Also, it is easier for companies to satisfy their customers over the phone than by other means. Moreover, phone calls are still the most used means to reach out to customers to date. This gives businesses with teleservices in Dubai an edge over the ones without it.

Customers prefer businesses with more networking channels

This one is quite obvious but businesses often tend to forget how important teleservices are. From a customer’s perspective, people always prefer businesses with more means to connect through. If they are torn between two companies and only one of them provides customer support through phone/call, they are going to prefer it over the one without it. It is the reason why you would see a sort of a revival in the teleservices in Dubai. Businesses that were skeptical of it are now outsourcing call center services. Apart from online marketing, this pandemic has proven to give teleservices a major push for businesses.

Summing up

Teleservices in Dubai are truly working in the favor of businesses. Many businesses have now adopted customer care because of its growing need. The benefits are not limited to this article only. If there is any that we missed out on let us know in the comment section below!

 If you are a business in Dubai and want to outsource the customer support department then get in touch with us today!

Until then, it’s a wrap from us!

How are Teleservices in Dubai changing the dynamics of businesses

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