Magnetic Tape Storage

Magnetic Tape Storage

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A renewed interest in the medium of magnetic tape storage has occurred in the latest years. From the recent advancements in this means of storage such as an increase in capacity, storage of data in offline mode, enhanced security and data integrity and ease in backup, this form of the document management system has again paved its way back into businesses.

As a business entity, your valuable business information should be carefully stored, protected from not only digital harm but as well as physical damage threats such as fire, water, vandalism, etc. the data is stored on a tape which has a magnetic material which is covered on one side of the tape. The data of the file is recorded sequentially. The data is retrieved in the same sequential manner, and is best used for convenient storage and archiving data.

How We Help You

At Back Office, we provide you with specialized storing lockers that are tailor-made to protect the tapes and digital data from any possible threat or natural catastrophe. Our storage cabinets are also fireproof, providing a cooler storage room, which is equipped with fire suppression systems. The continuous CCTV monitoring of the storage rooms makes the data safe and secure against the threat of theft or sabotage. In addition, the storage room is restricted to use by authorized personnel only taking security a step ahead.

Magnetic Tape Data Storage, Dubai

Apart from the protection from physical threats, the data stored is scheduled for regular rotations. This schedule is designed with the assistance of client requirements. Back Office ensures you the assurance of data safety at any given point of time, and thus client receives the backup tapes at the earliest of 24 hours or even before. One of the biggest advantages of magnetic tapes is the nature of the tape working in offline mode. Unlike the regular disks and drives, in case of any virus or system glitch, the magnetic tapes provide the backup in offline mode for quick and easy retrieval of data.

We guarantee to provide our clients with the most secure facility of magnetic tape storage and ensure the safety of the data from receiving to store without any damages, and ensuring restricted access control to maintain safety. In addition, our team of experts we have on board, we guarantee to offer you a very comprehensive document backup systems available in the UAE market at the moment.

Guide For Magnetic Tape Storage

According to a recent study, the amount of data being recorded increases 30-40% every year. The collection and storage of mass information are essential for businesses to carry out their daily functions smoothly. To combat this immense need for long-term storage, companies are investing in professional tape storage services.

Magnetic tape storage technology is getting better and better with time, pushing the traditional limits by introducing innovative storage methods. It is no surprise that modern big data analytics is highly dependent on this technology for archive and storage purposes. This helps modern enterprises to maintain a digital record of all financial activities to meet the legal requirements of audit and law enforcement organization. Therefore, companies and institutions are all.

All Round Solution

Coupled with a climate controlled storage area, regular rotations of the tapes, and ease in the retrieval of backups makes it an ideal deal for the clients.At Back Office, you do not need to worry about managing your documents as we take the responsibility of providing you with an all-inclusive, complete solution on that. Our extensive list of patrons and clients within the UAE market are a confirmation of our hardworking team and the many alternative solutions we offer. You may contact us for further information and details.

The Future Corporate Storage

With the wave of modernization in the commercial sector, companies are showing increased interest in magnetic tape storage solutions. The recent advancements have transformed this method, increasing the capacity size and security levels of this technology. Keeping this trend in mind, Back Office offers cutting edge magnetic tape data storage/magnetic tape storage solutions to protect your valuable business information. The sequential management of data helps to organize data while it is being preserved. This enables easy access to information even after a long period of time.

Back Office Magnetic Storage Facility

Security can be a major concern when storing magnetic tapes. It requires the latest equipment coupled with a state-of-the-art storage area. Therefore, Back Office provides an ideal facility to store your data. Our climate-controlled storage area is perfect to maintain the condition of magnetic tape. The staff at our storage facility ensures regular rotation of tapes which allows easy retrieval of information.

What is Magnetic Tape Storage?

In an era of advanced technology, where information has become easily accessible, keeping records safe can at times become a problem. For an organization irrespective of their size, keeping their data and records safe is crucial, or if fallen in the wrong hands, it can cause huge problems for the firm.

Hence, how can one ensure their information is in safe hands? How can one protect digital data from being misused or stolen? Back Office has the ultimate solution for you. We are proud providers of magnetic tape storage in Dubai.

If you haven’t heard of what this amazing technology is all about, here the magnetic tape storage guide that’ll tell you all about it!

  • Magnetic Tape Storage Definition

What is magnetic tape data storage? Magnetic tape storage is a facility, a system that uses magnetic reels to store data using digital recording. But why should one opt for it? this is because the magnetic tape storage is one of the most secure ways to store information and that too without utilizing much space.

The sole purpose of a magnetic storage facility is to provide organizations with the best possible solution for their data problems. These reels are compact, thus when it comes to saving space both physically and digitally, the magnetic tapes will help you do so. These reels can store a huge amount of data within it.

But, how does it work?

The magnetic tape records information or data by converting the electric audio signal signs into magnetic energy. The magnetic tape is wrapped around a wheel-shaped wheel that is protected in a compact, metal body/cassette or cartridge. Data storage with magnetic tape is super simple and secure!

  • How can we help?

Back Office has been designing storage solutions for its clients for many years now. But even then, some people ask, why choose Back office or how can we help? This is because we understand the importance of information for an organization. Most companies store data physically in big storage rooms but it becomes difficult to manage bulk files, wasting both time and energy.

On the other hand, although, digital storage of data is much safer and takes up no space, but even there is always a risk of losing it if the files go corrupt. Then how can an organization make sure their records are safe? Through Back Office’s magnetic storage facility, of course!

We not only provide you with tapes that help record data efficiently but also provide secure ways to keeps those tapes protected. We provide you with lockers and a CCTV facility in s the storage room to keep a close eye on your valuable information disks.

Unlike other drives, this disk can be used while offline which is what makes it a safer option for data storage. At Back Office, we try our best to design solutions for you that are cost-effective and work well. Our modern data storage facility here is all about helping keep important information safe and utilize it for your company’s growth and profits!

We strive to provide the best storage options to our clients. Our loyal clientele is proof of our hard work and dedication. To learn more about us, give us a call at 044 327 666.

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