Document Archive Management

Document Archive Management, Dubai, UAE

Documents are an integral part of every organization, whether in the form of paper or electronic media. However, managing all the corporate data is a challenging job specially when collected from multiple sources. To store, manage and retrieve information effectively, it is imperative for every business organization to invest in a document archive management solution.

The benefit of choosing our professional services helps you to save costs on purchasing specialized software and avoid the acquittal of related hardware; providing you an easy way to store, retrieve and view your documents.

Store the Old Data for Future Use

There are numerous reasons to archive content than deleting data. In many circumstances, laws require the data to be kept safe for access for a certain period of time. Many auditing systems require the data to be recorded and stored also for a certain number of years. Many times, data which seems useless, is required at a later stage of business needs. Similarly, keeping a lot of documents and records undermines the importance of certain data, and the business is unable to prioritize the critical data required for operations. Archiving the data thus helps the organization to orderly keep the data safe, store and keep it secure for longer periods of time which could be later easy to access.

One-Stop Archive Solutions

At Back Office, we provide you an all-inclusive resolution for document archive management in Dubai, UAE. We understand how critical the data is, and most importantly to your organization. We realize that the data may be old but has to be stored for future references. Hence we undertake the responsibility of archiving the data in such a way that the document is indexed and could be retrieved by the client within the storage, at the click of a button.

Documents Archive Management Dubai

Our team of experts; very efficiently, takes care of any size of data, be it either organized or unorganized. Handling data, whether it is in a paper form or is stored digitally, we offer you a highly secure system for accessing your documents and data in compliance with international archival principles. We strive hard to ensure that you are given a consolidated and integrated storehouse which helps your document archive management, in a budget-friendly, easy to source, and reliable means.

Benefits of Archiving Business Documents

Professional document archive management is the perfect way to manage old data. Whether it is a small or large-scale archive, the right management procedures can make it last longer. Proper preservation of files will have a positive impact on your business keeping you ready for all sorts of legal and financial situations. Here are some prominent advantages of hiring a document archive management solution for your business.

  1. Monitored storage space for large scale data
  2. Highly secure technology for sensitive information
  3. Improved regulatory compliance to meet international standards
  4. Easy access to corporate documents to manage emergency situations.
  5. Efficient backup and data recovery facility.

Back Office Archive Management Services in Dubai

Are you searching for an experienced and reliable document archive management in Dubai? Look no further. Back Office offers professional document archive management solutions for all business organizations in UAE. Our wide range of services will eliminate the need for purchasing expensive management software.

No need to delete old documents to make extra room for new files! Let us undertake the responsibility of archiving old data of your organization for future use. Regardless of the size of data, our experts are always ready to manage your archives and keep them secure in the long run. The documents are stored keeping all the global archival principles in mind. Call us today at 044 327 666 and become stress-free about your archive management needs.

How do we work?

We at BackOffice, work very closely with your team to estimate your existing data management system, understand your needs and expectations from us, and cater to provide the best archiving solutions to you. These document archive management solutions are tailor-made to suit the requirements of your organization, ensuring the security and reliability of the archived data without any compromise. Throughout the process, the client is placed at the lead to provide a good understanding of the archiving system, in order for them to later access & manage as per their needs.

You may contact us to get further information and details.

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