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We store and manage our customers’ physical and digital records in custom fitted facilities. We follow international standards in every process. Aside from being legends in our own minds, we really are good at what we do.

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We operate a fully CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) enabled contact center. We are able to integrate your databases with our CRM allowing us to design and implement your projects with minimum time to market.

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We have been providing Back Office solutions to the banking sector in the UAE for over a decade. All our solutions are customized allowing our customer product and process flexibility which provides them differentiations while competing for customer space.

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    Back Office FZ LLC,
    Building 4, Ground Floor,
    PO BOX 84921,
    Dubai Outsource Zone, Dubai

    Ally with one of the best outsourcing companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

    Focussing resources and processes on the delivery and accomplishment of core value propositions enables businesses to increase their profit margins, which is vital to succeeding in the highly competitive corporate landscape. However, companies cannot afford to neglect the aspects of daily operations that stand outside of the core business.

    Back Office seeks to help companies in the localities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other emirates of the UAE bridge their operational gaps through bespoke, competitive process outsourcing solutions that are tailored to meet their specific business needs.

    Leverage extensive process outsourcing from the premier outsourcing company in the UAE

    Back Office has served the UAE corporate market for more than a decade, offering a host of outsourcing solutions to businesses across the country and the region. We have provided advanced, intelligent support services to companies in retail, banking, fast-moving commercial goods, financial services, consumer electronics, and manufacturing. As one of the best outsourcing companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi the rest of UAE, we offer a range well-developed business process outsourcing solutions, which includes but is not limited to the following:

    Back Office is the only comprehensive process outsourcing company in the UAE, making us the ideal resource for accomplishing all your peripheral business processes, whether you are based in Dubai, or anywhere in the country.

    We do more than deliver services to our clients – we partner with them in achieving corporate goals.

    Bring your business to the top with one of the comprehensive outsourcing agencies in the region

    Instead of providing cookie-cutter services, we align and scale our service packages according to the specific requirements and budgetary limitations of our clients. We assess the resource requirement of each client and streamline our process solutions to deliver the highest return on investment.

    As one of the truly innovative outsourcing agencies in the Middle East, we are capable of integrating personnel, products, resources, technologies, and processes to optimise our services per the needs of the client. To ensure cost-effectiveness, we can design key process metrics that measure the performance of our service packages against service cost.

    Accelerate the growth of your company with Back Office

    Ready to grow your profit margins? Contact Back Office today. We have consultants ready to help you achieve your goals.


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