Scanning and Imaging

Do you know how much paper your business generates on a daily basis? Bet you don’t. Do you know how much of this paper is mission critical and how much can only fulfill sanitary needs? Are you aware of the cost of storage and retrieval of a physical sheet of paper?

If you do, we can help you minimize this cost by scanning and indexing your documents; converting them into images which can be retrieved at a click. If you don’t, we can help you understand your costs and then help you minimize them. Digitization of physical documents not only helps in reducing physical storage space but also acts as a backup for the physical documents. Digital images do not wear out with time as compared to the physical documents. All these digital documents of clients are stored in datacenters which have access controls implemented at physical and logical levels. We have also implemented logical data leakage preventive solutions for such process and ensure that the data retention and deletion is as per client needs. Once digitized documents can be uploaded over secure channels to client provided storage space as well. The retrieval of these documents is as easy as clicking a button.

We have-by far-the most experienced team for back-file conversion and business-as-usual scanning projects. During the past more than a decade, we have helped some of the largest multinationals and local conglomerates covert their paper documents into digital images, which can be retrieved at the click of a button.

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