Document Storage and Management

Aren’t you tired of the heaps of files scattered around the office, leasing more expensive real estate to store your files, hiring more staff to manage your documents, buying ridiculously expensive hardware and software, spending more valuable management time on an area which is neither delivering revenue nor service to your clients, learning processes which are non-core to your business, we could go on but you get our drift.

We can do all of the above, and more, for you. We have invested in the latest technology and the largest knowledge base to ensure your valuable storage media is kept secure and yet extremely retrievable at all times.

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have been handling the physical records management space for many years now. In addition to this we have technology to support this management system which ensures error free storage and retrieval. We also maintain the privacy of our client records and ensure there is separation of duties starting from the pickup of the document at client premise, to storage, retrieval and delivery to client premise.  Based on client’s requirements and comfort, we have multiple facilities across UAE wherein the client can choose either location for data storage without any changes to the service delivery timelines.

All our facilities are equipped with CCTV, access control, 24X7 physical and logical security, and the best-darned processes you will find anywhere and most critically, managed by our team members who are all rock stars. We have a Privacy+ certification provided by PRISM International applicable for records management services in addition to ISO27001:2013 certification for Information security.

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