Digital Data Storage

You must be generating mega, giga or even tera bytes of data 24X7. A lot of it may be useless, but some of it may be mission critical for your company. Is it stored in a secure environment? Is it retrievable? Is it backed-up for disaster recovery?

Due to regulatory or business criticality, a lot of companies need to retain and maintain their digital records for many years and regularly retrieve them whenever needed. Once the data has been moved to any portable media storage devices, safeguarding these devices and maintaining them would be a tedious task which needs resources in terms process, manpower, space, security, maintenance and so on which results in cost overhead and not something which is part of the core business solutions.

You can store your digital data with BackOffice. We store data in highly secure, access and climate-controlled vaults. These vaults rooms are monitored with CCTV cameras and also provided with physical access restrictions. Only authorized personnel are permitted to enter this premise. We will pick up your back-up media (tapes, CDs, hard drives) from your office on daily, weekly, monthly, hourly (well maybe not hourly) basis. All this is made available to you at a fraction of what it will cost you to DIY.

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