Aren’t you tired of the heaps of files scattered around the office, leasing more expensive real estate to store your files, hiring more staff to manage your documents, buying ridiculously expensive hardware and software, spending more valuable management time on an area which is neither delivering revenue nor service to your clients, learning processes which are non-core to your business, we could go on but you get our drift.

We can do all of the above, and more, for you. We have invested in the latest technology and the largest knowledge base to ensure your valuable storage media is kept secure and yet extremely retrievable at all times.

All our facilities are equipped with CCTV, access control, 24X7 physical security, logical security, the best-darned processes you will find anywhere and most critically, managed by our team members who are all rock stars.

You must be generating mega, giga or even tera bytes of data 24X7. A lot of it may be useless, but some of it may be mission critical for your company. Is it stored in a secure environment? Is it retrievable? Is it backed-up for disaster recovery?

You can store your digital data with us. We store data in highly secure, access and climate-controlled vaults. We will pick up your back-up media (tapes, CDs, hard drives) from you office on monthly, weekly, hourly (well maybe not hourly) basis. All this is made available to you at a fraction of what it will cost you to DIY.

Do you know how much paper your business generates on a daily basis? Bet you don’t. Do you know how much of this paper is mission critical and how much can only fulfill sanitary needs? Are you aware of the cost of storage and retrieval of a physical sheet of paper?

If you do, we can help you minimize this cost by scanning and indexing your documents; converting them into images which can be retrieved at a click. If you don’t, we can help you understand your costs and then help you minimize them.

We have-by far-the most experienced team for back-file conversion and business-as-usual scanning projects. During the past more than a decade, we have helped some of the largest multinationals and local conglomerates covert their paper documents into digital images, which can be retrieved at the click of a button.

Every organization should have a data/document retention policy. You don’t want to hang on to granny’s marriage certificate unless you have an identity crisis. Storing and managing data/documents costs time and space.

We can help purge your useless data/documents securely and at a fraction of the cost you would incur doing it yourself.

Some of our customers have already invested in facilities that they want to retain for commercial reasons. We can setup these facilities for efficient records management using global standards; and more importantly our local knowledge.

Our facilities management services include design, setup, and operational management of our customers’ facilities.

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