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Customer Service Solutions

Businesses and organizations planning to set up their own customer service hub can rely on the business processing expertise of Back Office, a premier provider of customer support solutions for SMEs and large corporations.

Tailored customer service systems and processes

At Back Office, we understand best that customer care is essential for any business, particularly when it comes to customer retention. It’s a two-way channel that allows customers to connect with a business or service provider to voice out their concerns. Organizations, on the other hand, can use this medium not just to resolve issues, but also to build brand loyalty and trust.


We help design and build customer support systems that businesses need to manage and address their clients’ concerns with speed and excellence. Our client support solutions include voice, chat, and email, among other communication channels. Our solutions comprise the following support systems:

  • Inbound Helpdesk – Clients are provided with a dedicated number for receiving and managing client calls, 24/7. Our inbound helpdesk service is available in different languages, including English and Arabic, as well as French, Hindi and Tagalog.
  • Technical Support – We have a team of experienced technical support representatives who will represent your brand via voice, email or live chat to provide prompt and reliable technical assistance to your customers.
  • Answering Services – We will set up a 24/7 call center service that will provide or perform the following on your behalf: reception service, messaging, after hours assistance, emergency line, and appointment setting.
  • Order Taking and Home Delivery – We will dedicate a team to accept calls from your customers, take their orders, and quickly relay the information to your restaurant.


Our solutions are customizable to meet the specific needs of any business and industry. We will first assess your needs before we create an optimal and sustainable solution that meets your goals, and works in line with your capabilities and available resources.

For further information about our contact center services, please click here.

 Our customer service solutions include:

  • Service Level Agreements – These give our clients the assurance that we will always strive to provide efficient, reliable, and competitive solutions for B2B and B2C companies.
  • Training Program – We’ll assist you in formulating a training program for the support team that will be representing you.

Confidentiality Agreements – We seek to give you peace of mind that all private and confidential information related to your organization and processes is kept secure and protected.


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