Business Record Management

How Long Should You Actually Keep Your Business Records

In the modern paperless era, record management looks extremely boring. However, documents such as sales invoices, tax returns, bank statements, expense receipts, and payroll records come with a lot of legal responsibility. Even if you don’t use them for future reference, businesses are legally obliged to save essential data for a certain amount of time. it is imperative for every business to understand the process of business record management and store corporate files methodically.

Conventionally, there are a few basic guidelines that are followed internationally to ensure the effective storage of sensitive information. The Internal Revenue Service has established some rules and regulations which describe the length of time to keep documents. These rules vary depending on the type of information stored by an organization. Documentation related to tax returns should be kept until the due date of tax returns runs out. Most lawyers and bookkeeping services recommend a time period of seven years to store original documents related to tax audits and lawsuits. It is also advised to keep extra copies of your tax returns in order to ease the process of taxation in the future.

Apart from the general rules, the following are some additional instructions to store specific documents.

Record Management Dubai

Payroll tax records:

Tax deduction upon the salaries of your employees might seem like a monthly or annual task but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This process includes all information regarding sheets, employee information, and benefit payments. Therefore, according to experts, employee tax records should be stored safely for almost four years from the date you paid the taxes.

Employee records:

Collecting and updating information about your employees is significant for every company. The information of your staff includes all sorts of personal data, resume, performance reviews and other human resource files. However, you don’t have to keep them for decades after they’ve left your company. According to IRS, the recommended timespan to keep records of a former employee is seven years. Additionally, if a worker is injured during their stay at your organization, it is advisable to store any relevant data after making the compensation. This will help you avoid false insurance claims in the future.

Recruitment information:

According to international standards, if your business has more than 15 employees, there are certain laws that must be kept in consideration such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). These laws shed light on how an organization should be managing their hiring records. Therefore, if you fall under a certain category, it is mandatory to keep an eye out for legal obligations while managing recruitment information.

Ownership Records:

Every business owner is well known about the importance of ownership documents. Formation documents such as articles of organization (for LLCs) and articles of incorporation should be kept for an indefinite period of time. In addition, every organization should keep property records and valuable contracts permanently to avoid legal problems in the future.

Accounting Services Records:

Financial records include bank statements, canceled cheques, credit card statements, and paid invoices. Such type of sensitive data should be secured for almost 7 years. Other monthly statements may be properly disposed of or shredded after a year.

If keeping track of bookkeeping rules and regulations is hard for you as a business owner, it is better to leave it for a professional. BackOffice is an experienced records management services in Dubai. We have been serving in the records management industry for more than a decade. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

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Archiving and Records Management for Businesses

Archiving and Records Management for Businesses

The exchange of data is one of the key roles of every business. From invoices to product history and client’s information, companies deal with tones of data on a daily basis. This frequent production of data needs to be controlled and stored systematically and efficiently. For this purpose, businesses hire third-party organizations for their archiving and record keeping.

Archiving is the process of storing business records that are no longer needed, however; these files may be required for future reference special in case of a legal activity. A company’s archives retained for regulatory compliance, should be arranged n such a manner that they can be easily accessed. At the same time, the integrity of sensitive information should remain intact.

Document management:

Maintaining business records requires a secure environment where the storage and classification of corporate documents can be carried out easily. From the creation of data to their disposal, record management facilities are responsible for every action taken on these files.

A reputable archiving facility follows international standards and record management policies. This makes it easier for companies to retain information for internal and external audits and other legal and financial procedures. Old files can also be preserved by digital data conversion through document scanning.

Benefits of Records Management:

The demand for records management and archiving facilities are increasing rapidly in the corporate sector due to their many benefits. Here’s how your company can make the most of document archiving services.

  • Guaranteed safety of sensitive information leading to improved compliance
  • Improved to access unwanted old records in case of emergency situations.
  • Easy retrieval of digital data and intellectual property.
  • Strategic preservation to enhance document classification.
  • Cost effective storage of large files
  • Reduced risk of data theft and mismanagement.

To make the most of the above-mentioned features, an experienced and reliable third-party organization is all you need. Not only this will be budget-friendly for your business, but it will also eliminate the need for extra storage space.

Best record management and archiving solution in UAE:

If you’re searching for the perfect business management partner for your company, BackOffice is the ultimate solution to all your record management problems. Our record management services and archiving services are on the best in the entire UAE. The storage facilities are well equipped with cutting edge technologies to keep your document secure. There is ample space to keep your paper-based as well as electronic files. Our custom fitted facilities are spacious enough t facilitate both large and small scale business data. We follow international protocols to avoid all sorts of legal issues. With all the latest technology, we also invest in professional and skilled staff to handle your files with the utmost care. To know more about us give us a call at 044 327 666.

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Best Software Development Services in Dubai

Software Development Companies In Dubai – Reviews

Isn’t it amazing to access your business from anywhere at any time? This is exactly what custom software development and web pages allow you to do. In this modern era of technology, every business owner is looking for an online platform that can help them gain stay connected to their customers. However, getting high-quality software development services at an affordable price still seems impossible for many entrepreneurs. That’s why, Back Office is striving to help small and big enterprises design custom software for their company.

Our software development services are one of the finest in the whole UAE. from development to deployment and maintenance, our experts supervise each and every step of the procedure. Still, don’t believe us? Here are some honest reviews from our loyal customers to help you give an insight into our services and form a better decision.

Best Software Development Services in Dubai – Reviews 2019

  • Adam Smith:

“I tried making my own website but it was clearly a bad idea as I couldn’t gain enough organic traffic to sustain it. So, I decided to hire a professional. A friend of mine suggested the software development services of Back Office and I must say their team didn’t disappoint me. Their online platform wasn’t only creating and attractive but also secure and user-friendly. They have helped to reach out to a larger audience through my website. Now I am working with their team to design a mobile application for my company.”

  • Saima Qureshi:

“Being a young entrepreneur, you’re always conscious about your spending. As much as growth and innovation are important, budget management is equally significant to run a company successfully. To kill both birds with one stone, I decided to avail the best software development services of Back Office. At first, I was skeptical to see their low prices but as I saw the end result, I was on top of the world. They offer exceptional services at affordable prices.”

  • Radhika Panday:

“When I say that Back Office is the best software development service in Dubai, I mean every single word of it. A few months ago, I was desperate to get custom software for my school and one of my staff members told me about the services of Back Office. I have to admit, their customer services are amazing. The involved me in every step of the development and kept me informed throughout the procedure. The final result was delivered in time and the best part is that it didn’t cost me a fortune.”

Back Office Development Services

Best Software Development Services in Dubai

If you’re looking for a professional to handle your software development procedure, hiring us would be the best decision of your career. Visit our website to learn more about us or call us at 044 327 666 to get the process started.

Co-Working Office Space Near Me

Flexible Memberships | Coworking and Private Offices‎

Focus on growing your business with an all-inclusive package.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an affordable space to rent? Or a freelancer who’s finding the perfect place to work? In either case, a coworking space can put an end to your search. A coworking space provides a perfect environment for hardworking individuals to work with other professionals.

As compared to a traditional office, coworking space has people belonging to multiple fields, performing different kinds of work. Not only such places promote strong networking and communication skills, but it also creates a sense of community among the workers.

What is the concept of coworking?

Coworking is a service provision model for small businesses and self-employed individuals. This includes entrepreneurs, freelancers, and innovators working together under a shared roof. The office equipment and other amenities are the responsibility of the owner of the building.

Coworking is one of the most effective and productive concepts of the modern age workplace. It is widely accepted all around the world and has been recognized by tech giants such as Google and Facebook. People are more inclined towards such workplaces that promote independence, conform and professionalism.

Coworking Office Space | Affordable Co-Working Spaces‎

What are the benefits of coworking?

A coworking workplace offers many perks to small businesses, freelancers and young entrepreneurs. Due to the countless benefits of coworking spaces, this new and innovative is quite popular among millennials. Along with a professional environment, such offices feel as comfortable as your home giving you the best of both worlds. Here are some of the many advantages of a coworking office.

  • Cost-effective:

Coworking spaces offer budget-friendly monthly charges to their clients. The monthly fee is usually nominal and depends on the size of your team.

  • Improved productivity:

Working at home can be distracting. If you’re looking for a safe and professional environment for your next big project, Coworking Dubai office spaces is your best option. The people around you will serve as a constant source of motivation. It improves concentration making you more focused to achieve your target

  • Endless networking opportunities:

Since there are multiple startups and self-employed individuals working under one roof, there are numerous opportunities to socialize and gain exposure.

  • Comfort and additional facilities:

A coworking space consists of spacious and well-furnished meeting rooms and conference halls. On-site fitness center, health club and cafeteria are also available for employees in such facilities. The availability of high-speed wireless internet access is also guaranteed at all times. The administration and management of the building are responsible for all kinds of repair and maintenance.

Coworking Office Spaces in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Coworking Dubai spaces are gaining popularity with time and the UAE s no exception to it. People prefer to work in such places rather than in a typical office environment. If you’re looking for a reputable coworking space in Dubai, reach out to Back Office. Our coworking facilities are adequately furnished and well equipped with all the required amenities. Give us a call today at 044 327 666 and let us help you leave a long-lasting impression in the corporate sector.

Co-working Space in Dubai

Looking For The Ideal Workspace? Explore UAEs Largest Selection of Co-Working Spaces. Connect To A Lively Co-Working Community Today. Extraordinary Workspaces. Book Yours Now! All Facilities Included. Affordable Pricing. Fully Furnished. Flexible Rental Terms.

Document Storage Solutions in Dubai

Hassle Free Document Storage Solution in Dubai | We Pack, Collect & Store

Every business owner understands the importance of secure data management. Proper documentation plays a key role in audit preparedness and compliance specially when dealing with heavy state and federal regulations. You cannot afford to lose a single document when preparing for an annual audit. Losing important paperwork will not only cost your company a heavy fine but also tarnish your reputation in the industry. Your license may get canceled as a result of inefficient documentation.

Record Management Services

However, collecting and organizing official data can be stressful and full of hassle. It can significantly decrease the productivity of your employees making them frustrated. Whether you deal with hard-copies or digital data, the best practice to manage business documents is leaving it to the experts.

Document Management System

Document storage solutions prevent loss of critical data and protect important files from damage. They preserve your records such that you can easily access them when required. This also helps to avoid potential data breaches and threats, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Secure Document Storage in Dubai:

Are you experiencing productivity loss or tired of retrieving meaningful data from a huge pile of files? Let Back Office handle all your document storage solution and management needs. We have invested in the latest technology to guarantee safety and convenience. Our custom-fitted storage facilities are equipped with CCTV cameras which ensures physical and logical security round the clock. We are certified by PRISM International and possess ISO27001:2013 certification for information security.

Contact us today to learn more about us.

Best Call Center Companies In Dubai, UAE

The modern world is extremely competitive when it comes to business. Thousands of brands are struggling to leave a positive impression on the masses. Companies are striving to stand out and increase their sales by attracting more people into buying their products. In the midst of competition, quality customer experience has become a key differentiator in the journey towards success.

According to a survey by Microsoft, customer services affect almost 96% of the customers all across the world. To meet the expectations of your customers, companies should hire a third-party organization. An external outsourcing service not only helps you to manage the excessive workload but also increase your profit by gaining more customers.

Why do you need Call Center services?

The latest trend of call centers is making a huge impact in the fast-paced business industry. Companies are unable to manage the demand overflow resulting in poor customer services. They are unable to address the problems of their clients leading to a severe decline in revenue. This issue has given rise to call center outsourcing services.

Provides the best Call center outsourcing services has gained massive popularity over time due to the increasing demand for customer support and satisfaction. It’s a strategic business decision that significantly reduces the burden of customer services from your employees and eliminates staffing issues. There is no need to hire extra staff and provide them extensive training. An outsourcing company will offer a skilled and experienced staff with a proper call center facility to manage your clientele reducing an additional cost of operation and infrastructure for your business.

Call Center Companies in Dubai

By availing the services of a call center company, it’s convenient to receive valuable insight into customer demands and feedback. The advanced call center analytics provide personalized services to various industries. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, for instance, product development, sales, and content creation.

Make the Right Decision:

If you’re looking for call center outsourcing services for your Dubai based company, Back Office is at your service. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge about customer services. We possess years of experience in the field of client management. Our goal is to help you achieve your business targets on time.

We at Back Office, value your customers. We understand the importance of strong relationship between a brand and its clientele. Our enhanced call center solutions include a wide variety of options such as interactive voice response and automatic call distribution. We support large-scale contact centers as well as outsourcing services for startups and newbies in the UAE.

Contact us today at +971 44 327 666 Or and get in touch with our experts for more information.

#1 Software Development Company in Dubai UAE

#1 Software Development Company in Dubai UAE – Recommendable

Loyal customers are an asset to every business. However, customer retention is a strategic process which not only takes time but also requires valuable resource. As the world is moving towards digitization, a business software offers an efficient online platform for every company to engage with its customers. The organic traffic of your online application will allow you to interact with your clientele 24/7, allowing you to maintain and control your business accordingly. From official transactions, sales and promotions to valuable feedbacks, enterprise software can you improve your services with every passing day.

Over the past few decades, business operations have been made very easy due to the incorporation of technological advancements. With simple software programming, businesses can manage not only their administration but also can better engage customers on the front end using various software solutions.

Software Development Services

Many sectors and industries such as healthcare, banking, retail etc require complex software working at the backend, which assists the organization in reducing labor costs, increase client retention, and also to increase the client network. Hence the demand for software development services is increasing, and we offer the best software development services in Dubai.

Our Approach

At Back Office, we offer services that are coupled with the latest technological advancements in order to help your business grow. We strive to develop software solutions that put you in a leading competitive edge against your clients. Furthermore, we take pride in being the leading software development company in Dubai, by providing you custom software solutions, such as Customer Relation Management software or Enterprise Resource Planning, or inventory management system that is custom designed for your business needs.

Smooth Workflow

We also strive to provide continuous maintenance support during and after the delivery of the project in order to ensure a smooth workflow. This particular trait has been very much appreciated by our patrons who have been making use of our resources for long.

Rapid – Reliable and Great

With our range of solutions, you have to worry about nothing in your business work and our team of expert professionals ensure to have an error-free solution designed. From the initial assessment meeting, our experts know exactly what you are looking for. The team at Backoffice takes up the task and with cutting edge solutions provides you the product you are looking for, keeping it at a reasonable cost and ensure the reliability in the way that wastes no further time. We ensure to give undivided attention to you and ensure the timely delivery of the product and assure you our support whenever needed.

Software Development Company in Dubai UAE | Back Office

If you want your customers to keep coming back, a competitive web solution is all you need. Keeping the business needs and budget of small businesses in mind, Back Office offer the best prices when it comes to custom software development. We also deal with large scale organizations. Our team is the finest of all software development companies in Dubai.

Here at Back Office, our main objective is customer satisfaction. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services. From the development of software architecture to maintenance and troubleshooting, our professionals are ready to tackle every situation.

Our strategy is to meet the balance between creativity and reality. The designs and outlooks of our web pages are promising and help you stand out among your competitors. Along with graphics, online platforms are highly functional and secure.

To learn more about our services, give us a call at 044 327 666 today.

In order to avail of the best software development services, contact us here.

most reliable document management

Most Reliable Document Management System Company in UAE

Are you tired of managing the paperwork at your business? Mean you facing challenges at storing and retrieving important documents during work? Do you trying to simplify your business workspace? Then look no further as Document Management System is your way to go.

Important Records

An average employee takes more time in managing, storing and retrieving documents and important records at the workplace. This collectively is a loss of time as well as human resources. In this technologically advanced and competitive business environment, time is money. No one would want to spend hours tracking data/documents or putting away the critical records. Document storage and document archive management is the key to simplifying business life.

Store, Manage and Share

Managing your documents professionally allows you flexibility in storing and accessibility of the records at your convenience without having the utilization of physical space like a warehouse. That very critical for an organization to ensure all their records, invoices, reports, etc are stored well in place and having the advantage of accessing these at any given time adds the competitive advantage.

In many instances, very important records, reports or information gets either misplaced or lost and sometimes even gets subject to internal threats such as sabotage or physical damage due to calamities such as fire, floods or earthquake.

Reliable Document Management System Company

With the right and great document supervision management system and documents archive management, you ensure your data is in safe hands. That is stored safely, sequentially as per your requirements, and can be easily accessed by only authorized personnel. Recorded and archived data also makes it easier to share it as well to your clients or for internal use.

At Backoffice, we offer you a comprehensive document management system that could include document scanning, archiving, hi-definition imagery, conversion of formats etc. All this is done through our team of experts, who remain involved during the beginning of the tasks, understanding what you require and ensuring the handover. We also firmly believe that record management is a continuous task and hence our contact point remains in touch with you at any given time you need to assist.

With a number of clients utilizing our services, we offer you the most reliable document management service in UAE. Get in contact with us here to know more about