Find And Choose The Best Coworking Spaces For Your Freelance Work

Best Coworking Spaces For Freelancer 

Searching for a perfect coworking space can be overwhelming especially if you’re a freelancer. Freelancers are usually independent workers and mostly prefer a peaceful environment. Most of them are used to work all by themself. Therefore, the idea of working in a shared space might sound scary at first.
However, in reality, coworking office spaces offer endless opportunities for freelance workers.
In order to make the most of your shared workspace, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind. Here are some of the best advice for finding a space that works for your freelance business.

Isolation isn’t privacy:

Freelancers often prefer a peaceful environment. Most of them are used to operate from home. However, isolating yourself from work isn’t the best approach to increase productivity. A good coworking space not only respects and maintains your privacy but also helps you build connections and grow among other fine entrepreneurs. You can socialize and share ideas without jeopardizing your own personal space.

Networking is the key:

One of the most beneficial features of the best coworking space is an inclusive and collaborative community. Being surrounded by a talented group of entrepreneurs, businessmen and other freelancers will motivate you and help you learn new things.
The right co-working space will provide chances to get together by arranging training sessions, seminars, leisure activities, and many other networking events. Such events give an extra boost to your work by opening doors for new opportunities.

Atmosphere is everything

When you’re hunting for the perfect work space, experts say that you should visit a facility at different times of the day. This will help you better understand the dynamics of the office community and feel of the environment. It will also help you get an idea of the day to day routine of the coworkers.

Best coworking space in Dubai:

If you’re searching for all the above qualities in one place then Back Office can be your safe haven. From a great social circle to a safe and secure facility, we make sure that each and every need of our client is being fulfilled. Get in touch with us today and learn more about our services.

Best Call Center Companies In Dubai, UAE

Best Call Center Companies In Dubai, UAE

The modern world is extremely competitive when it comes to business. Thousands of brands are struggling to leave a positive impression on the masses. Companies are striving to stand out and increase their sales by attracting more people into buying their products. In the midst of competition, quality customer experience has become a key differentiator in the journey towards success.

According to a survey by Microsoft, customer services affect almost 96% of the customers all across the world. To meet the expectations of your customers, companies should hire a third-party organization. An external outsourcing service not only helps you to manage the excessive workload but also increase your profit by gaining more customers.

Why do you need Call Center services?

Call Center Solutions Reviews

The latest trend of call centers is making a huge impact in the fast-paced business industry. Companies are unable to manage the demand overflow resulting in poor customer services. They are unable to address the problems of their clients leading to a severe decline in revenue. This issue has given rise to call center outsourcing services.

Provides the best Call center outsourcing services has gained massive popularity over time due to the increasing demand for customer support and satisfaction. It’s a strategic business decision that significantly reduces the burden of customer services from your employees and eliminates staffing issues. There is no need to hire extra staff and provide them extensive training. An outsourcing company will offer a skilled and experienced staff with a proper call center facility to manage your clientele reducing an additional cost of operation and infrastructure for your business.

Call Center Companies in Dubai

By availing the services of a call center company, it’s convenient to receive valuable insight into customer demands and feedback. The advanced call center analytics provide personalized services to various industries. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, for instance, product development, sales, and content creation.

Call Center Solutions Reviews

Hear Why Our Customers Adore Us!

Call center Solutions Dubai offers you a unique call center platform, which is incomparable with any other call center solution available in the current market. We provide all the features that are present inexpensive and high-end call center systems to make you enjoy a fully-fledged professional call center experience.

Call Center solutions Dubai Let us tell you about our clients. They all are really happy with our services because we allow them to afford high-end call center service so that they can flourish their own business. They truly believe that they should not be investing in buying or purchasing expensive systems when BackOffice is available. Others no more have to worry about the upgrades, maintenance and licenses because we do all this for them. We provide a free consultation to our clients. And most importantly our work is always on time. We take care so much of our clients’ needs and satisfaction that they do not have anything to complain about. We usually get compliments and reviews about the following;

✯ Professional agents

Who does not want professional agents for his business? Obviously, everyone wants. It is always good to have convenient, quick, and professional service. Call center solution Dubai has been all of this in one. Our customers thank us for the great service and fast feedback. The team at BackOffice is very good at understanding the customer’s problem and requirements. Clients are impressed with the professionalism that runs through BackOffice, which makes us stand apart from any competition in the region.

✯ Best service experience

We believe in providing the most incredible and outstanding service to our customers. We do give excellent service and great product offerings so that they can save more for themselves. They love us and our employees for such a simple sales and after-sales experience. They show gratitude for our support, cooperation, and great service.

✯ Hardworking team

Our happy clients do appreciate us for our assistance and hard work in ensuring that all goals are achieved with high quality and in a timely manner. You will definitely be proud of having BackOffice as your partners.

✯ Come up to clients’ expectations

We always make sure to meet our client’s expectations, by helping them define their expectations at a higher level and support them very well in achieving that level. They get the job done in time and get quality beyond expectations, this in combination with excellent reporting of results. So why do it yourself if the quality is just a phone call away?

✯ Wonderful partners

They are delighted to acknowledge our relentless effort in ensuring that we have a wonderful, long-lasting partnership with all of our clients while we assist them in their care line operations. Our enthusiasm and commitment makes companies decide to go with us.

Make the Right Decision:

If you’re looking for call center outsourcing services for your Dubai based company, Back Office is at your service. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge about customer services. We possess years of experience in the field of client management. Our goal is to help you achieve your business targets on time.

We at Back Office, value your customers. We understand the importance of a strong relationship between a brand and its clientele. Our enhanced call center solutions include a wide variety of options such as interactive voice response and automatic call distribution. We support large-scale contact centers as well as outsourcing services for startups and newbies in the UAE.

Contact us today at +971 44 327 666 Or and get in touch with our experts for more information.

Call Center Solutions For Small Business

Call Center Solutions For Small Business

Call Center Services in Dubai

Struggling to manage client calls? Things are getting out of control? Relax! Back Office is here for the rescue.

We are offering the best call center solutions in Dubai with a team of dedicated professionals ready to work day and night just to satisfy your customers. In the current competitive times, customer satisfaction largely depends on the speed with which their queries are being resolved. They tag processes efficiently only when they experience prompt response from the company in case of any problem. Any lacking in the handling of customer calls or queries ultimately poses a negative impact on the organizational image. Back Office understands the need of having fully functional and efficient call center for the success of the organization. Therefore, if you lack resources to build an in-house call center, leave your worries on Back Office. We are among the top call center solution companies in Dubai and ready to provide you with our high-quality services at an affordable price.

Call Center Companies near Me

Back Office call center Solution Company operates in Dubai and the major advantage of choosing us is that you don’t have to go too far off places. It is located on a prime location in Dubai. This is not the only reason for choosing us; our Dubai call center solution offers you multiple advantages like:

  • Customer loyalty. When customers experience that their calls are being answered properly with the resolution of their issue, they themselves become loyal to the brand.
  • A bridge between customers and agents. Call center solution providers serve as a medium of communication between customers and the company’s agents. If the professionals are unable to understand what customers want then how would they convey it to the agent? Back Office frees you from this stress as our professionals are the best among all other professionals of different call center corporations.
  • Boost call connects rate. We use a smart dialer to improve the overall coverage of the calls.
  • Automated interactions. A lot of time is saved when interactions are being automated. Not all call center companies provide this facility.
  • Operating 24/7. Our call center agents are available day and night to lend a hand to customers in an emergency.
  • Monitoring and reporting. It allows better interaction between agent and customer through call recording, barging, and snooping in to deliver marvelous customer services.

Call Center Solutions Dubai

Call Center Solutions Dubai

Connecting directly with the clients is the best way to ensure they are happy and satisfied with your services. This is why Back Office offers a professional call center solution in Dubai.

  • Call Center Solutions Dubai

For most organizations, big or small, setting up a separate team to handle customer services is not just time-consuming but a thorough utilization of resources including space and money. And even then, you need to hire another leader to supervise the team to ensure they are delivering their best.

Back Office has been ranked amongst the best call center companies in Dubai. We proudly design call solution for you under our call center services category, where professionals are hired to help you handle customers with all due care!

◉ Call Center Solution Company and Service Provider

Dubai is a hub of tourism, a place that not only attracts tourists but provides business opportunities for those who seek it. Thus, this is why most companies operating in Dubai find it a huge potential market, trying to convince customers to buy their products and services.

But of course, keeping in constant touch with the target audience needs patience, time, and money. Not only this, but an organization also needs a separate team of dedicated professionals willing to answer customer queries 24×7 without hesitation.

And this is something not every organization can afford!

Dubai call center solution

Hence, if you’re looking for a Dubai call center solution for your company, then rather than diving deep into the search for the call center companies around you, contact Back Office right away! They will definitely design the best call center solutions for you and that to at an affordable price. Here is what Back Office’s best call center solution consists of:

  1. ▸ A team of dedicated customer care service providers who’ll answer queries without hesitation.
  2. ➭ 24×7 availability
  3. ▸ Order taking, coordination, and ensured delivery
  4. ➭ Help desk solutions
  5. ▸ Sales generation through telesales
  6. ➭ Database development and maintenance of records

Our team of professionals is true to their work spirit, working hard day and night to satisfy customers and help your organization to increase sales. And the best part is, our services are crafted around your requirements, so that every client that gets in touch with us, is satisfied with our offering.

At Back Office, we promise to deliver results through the use of technology, strategy, and resources. Once you hire us, you wouldn’t have to worry about hiring another team to handle your customers, because this is what we will do! And additionally, we’ll be ensured to maintain your customer database, re-direct customers to your organization and convince them to use your services.

Our professionals hold years of hands-on experience which is why you’ll be happy to get results in no time at all! With Back Office at your service, save your energy, resources, and efforts because we’ll share the burden with you! If you’re looking for affordable call center solutions in Dubai, know we offer the best services in the vicinity!

Call Center Quality Assurance – The small things that matter

Do you know what helps to improve the customer experience of a company? It’s the complaint and response team AKA customer services representatives. According to Microsoft’s Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report 2017, 97% of consumers consider customer service a major reason for brand loyalty.

A good call center services can boost sales of a company and enhance operational efficiency. Therefore, we have gathered some important information for you to make sure you know everything about call center quality assurance.

What is quality assurance in a call center?

The performance of any call center can never be measured by the number of calls attended by operators. In order to run a successful business, it is important to satisfy the needs of your customers therefore quality of each conversation matters a lot.

What, Why, and How of Call Center Quality Assurance

Conversation between a call center agent and customer are often recorded to for monitoring, training, and research purpose. The recorded interaction helps experts to improve the services of a call center by analyzing and correcting minor mistakes.

Managers and quality assurance specialists make sure that every customer gets the best response and guidance. They keep a close eye on their agents and other call center operations leading to a positive experience for their clientele. This also grooms their agents and improve their efficiency with time.

Benefits of call center quality assurance:

Quality assurance is a great feature to help your business grow and achieve an ultimate level of customer satisfaction. By delivering consistent positive outcomes, you can increase customer retention. Happy customers will stay loyal and refer your services to others allowing you to gain a considerable profit at a steady pace.

On the other hand, the amount of data gathered during these calls enables you to predict the behavior of the masses. This will help you design your product according to the demand of your customers.

Another major advantage of hiring a professional call center service provider is to portray an appealing image among your customers. A professional outlook of your company will ensure reliability among the customers allowing you to connect with them in a better way.

In order to get the best quality assurance, avail the best call center solutions in Dubai at BackOffice. Our team comprises of highly trained and professional staff that are used to deliver promising results.

Call Center Companies Contact Details

Made up your mind to select Back Office as your Dubai call center solution provider? Then you are just a step away from contacting us. Call, email or visit-do whatever is easy for you. We are responsive in all domains. See our contact details below and connect with us, can’t wait to work with you.
Keep in Touch:
Head Office
Phone: +971 44 327 666
Address: Back Office FZ LLC,
Building 4, Ground Floor, PO BOX 84921,
Dubai Outsource Zone, Dubai

#1 Software Development Company in Dubai UAE

#1 Software Development Company in Dubai, UAE – Recommendable

Software Development Company in Dubai

Loyal customers are an asset to every business. However, customer retention is a strategic process which not only takes time but also requires valuable resource. As the world is moving towards digitization, a business software offers an efficient online platform for every company to engage with its customers. The organic traffic of your online application will allow you to interact with your clientele 24/7, allowing you to maintain and control your business accordingly. From official transactions, sales and promotions to valuable feedbacks, enterprise software can you improve your services with every passing day.

Software Development Company

Over the past few decades, business operations have been made very easy due to the incorporation of technological advancements. With simple software programming, businesses can manage not only their administration but also can better engage customers on the front end using various software solutions.

Software Development Services

Many sectors and industries such as healthcare, banking, retail etc require complex software working at the backend, which assists the organization in reducing labor costs, increase client retention, and also to increase the client network. Hence the demand for software development services is increasing, and we offer the best software development services in Dubai.

Our Approach

At Back Office, we offer services that are coupled with the latest technological advancements in order to help your business grow. We strive to develop software solutions that put you in a leading competitive edge against your clients. Furthermore, we take pride in being the leading software development company in Dubai, by providing you custom software solutions, such as Customer Relation Management software or Enterprise Resource Planning, or inventory management system that is custom designed for your business needs.

Smooth Workflow

We also strive to provide continuous maintenance support during and after the delivery of the project in order to ensure a smooth workflow. This particular trait has been very much appreciated by our patrons who have been making use of our resources for long.

Rapid – Reliable and Great

With our range of solutions, you have to worry about nothing in your business work and our team of expert professionals ensure to have an error-free solution designed. From the initial assessment meeting, our experts know exactly what you are looking for. The team at Backoffice takes up the task and with cutting edge solutions provides you the product you are looking for, keeping it at a reasonable cost and ensure the reliability in the way that wastes no further time. We ensure to give undivided attention to you and ensure the timely delivery of the product and assure you our support whenever needed.

Software Development Company in Dubai UAE | Back Office

Software Development Company in Dubai UAE If you want your customers to keep coming back, a competitive web solution is all you need. Keeping the business needs and budget of small businesses in mind, Back Office offer the best prices when it comes to custom software development. We also deal with large scale organizations. Our team is the finest of all software development companies in Dubai.

Here at Back Office, our main objective is customer satisfaction. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services. From the development of software architecture to maintenance and troubleshooting, our professionals are ready to tackle every situation.

Our strategy is to meet the balance between creativity and reality. The designs and outlooks of our web pages are promising and help you stand out among your competitors. Along with graphics, online platforms are highly functional and secure.

Software Development Companies Reviews

In today’s world, customized software solution is what you need to run your business both efficiently and smoothly. Conversely, not every software development firm is capable of doing so. But don’t worry; the BackOffice team of software developers is highly capable of providing you outstanding software solutions, this is because we keep a track of upcoming technologies, languages and platforms in the software industry. The reason behind our success in developing software is that we have the most experienced and organized team with a high-level technical knowledge. It just takes a great idea and a skilled software development company, to take your business where you’ve always dreamed it to be.

best software development services in Dubai

Want to know why our clients love us so much? Why they praise and adore us? Why they keep coming back to us? Hear what they like most about BackOffice, the Best Software development in Dubai;

  • Quality Service

Quality service has always been our priority, and we consider your business as our own. With smart planning, design thinking approach and newest technologies we aim to increase or enhance our client’s business efficiency. We think tactically and fashion thoughtful solutions, rather than just creating features according to a specification. Currently we are providing high tech innovations to many companies, big enterprises and technology challengers, and are continuously working on us so that we can be the most beneficial asset to your business.

  • Passionate And Dedicated Team

Our team is committed to provide end-to-end IT services to your business. With a growing approach, BackOffice team is constantly exploring with technology innovation. And by employing or adopting these technologies, our clients are able to break the conventional business barriers, and enhance or improve different aspects of their business. They find it great to work with us because of the exceptional expertise and quick responses. Our team never lacks in professionalism and gets really involved in the task which is assigned to them, which proves really beneficial for client’s business, because we are always ready to go above and beyond for our client.

  • Timely Submissions

The team is very good at quickly understanding client’s need, thus saves the time of both parties. We always make sure to stick to the plan while developing software, and remains on the same page with the clients by having good communications on the project. High-quality product submission, on budget and on schedule is our cup of tea.

  • Trust Worthy And Budget Friendly Partner

Looking for a trust worthy and cost effective partner? BackOffice can be both budget friendly and an incorruptible collaborator for your business. We take note of the client’s ideas and then combined them with our expertise to form software that fits our client’s business like a glove. It’s an honour to be recommended by your client as the most trust worthy co-worker.

How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost?

BackOffice might not be the first software development experience of the customers but it’s definitely their last. This is because we transform their businesses digitally, by providing the best software development service in Dubai. Craving to find out more? Reach out to us and you’ll know.

To learn more about our services, give us a call at 044 327 666 today.

In order to avail of the best software development services, contact us here.

What Are The Advantages Of Custom Software?

To survive in an era with cut-throat competition, it is necessary for companies to upgrade their systems. This includes revising their strategies every few months and install software in accordance to their company’s functioning and gain maximum outcomes.

But when looking for custom software, most organizations end up buying already available stuff just because no one was offering anything better. This is where Back Office can help you! They design the best software and that too tailored to your company’s working and functioning. If you still looking for custom software that perfects fits your organization’s strategies and helps achieve its goals sooner, than Back Office is the right place to contact!

  • Best Software Development in Dubai

Back Office provides software development services and is considered as one of the best Dubai software development companies today. Now if you’re thinking, why should you go for customized software for your company then here are a few advantages that surely make you want one for your organization right away:

  1. Tailored Solutions

When you purchase off-the-shelf software, it might not be in accordance to your company’s goals. Hence, you won’t gain any benefit rather end up spending hundreds of dollars to manage something that is not made for you.

A custom software will be tailored well in accordance to your organization’s goals, go hand in hand with your strategies and functioning, thus helping you increase profits in no time.

  1. Long-Run Investment

Buying an already available software means you’ll not only be spending on the software itself but also be buying more equipment to make it usable for your company. On the contrary, tailored software will solely be focused on your company’s needs and requirements. This will prove to be a one-time investment that will benefit you in the long run without any further expenditure.

  1. Scalability

A custom software offers scalability. If you wish to hire Back Office’s software development services in Dubai, you’ll be making a fair choice. A software that is solely made to meet your organization’s goals will grow with the demand. When in the future you plan to expand your functions, the software will grow with it, to accommodate the needs without you having to spend more on buying a new one.

  1. Security Guaranteed

An off-the-shelf software is an easy target for hackers. The more common the thing is, the easier it is accessible. The best thing about having a custom software is that it will guarantee security. Your information will remain secured within the organization’s boundaries, without you having to worry about hacking and theft.

There are numerous benefits of having a software that is “just” for your company. If you’re looking for the best deals and professional services, Back Office is one software development company in Dubai that will help design solutions according to your needs.

In a time when every other company is trying to outrun the other, go for custom software for your organization and stand in the front of the line with true winning spirit!

Software Development Company Reviews

Do you have a webpage or online platform to showcase your product or engage with your customers? If not, then it’s high time to invest in one. Webpages, apps and other online platforms are a great way to promote your business. Nowadays, most of the people get their customers online. It also helps them stay connected to their customers at all times. However, custom software development solutions can be quite tricky for most amateurs and should be handled by a professional. It’s best to avail services of a high quality software development company that can do the job at an affordable rate. And Backoffice is one of the best in the business.

For years, the company is striving to offer practical and profitable software solutions to entrepreneurs.

Here is what our customers have to say about us.

Sarah Martin:

In this age of technology, it’s impossible to survive in the industry without an eye-catching and interactive online platform. When I decided to start my home-based small business of baked goodies, I knew i needed a webpage to attract more clients. There are so many companies out there promising to deliver good results but most of them are quite expensive and as a new entrepreneur i had a limited budget. A friend of mine recommended BackOffice and I am glad that I availed of their software development services to design my website. The interface was extremely attractive yet user-friendly. And the best part was it wasn’t too heavy on the pocket.

Ralph Gilbourn:

I believe that online platforms are a great way to connect with customers. So I was very specific about the design of my company’s website. After trying a few big names in the market, i learned about the services of BackOffice and decided to give them a chance. I asked them to upgrade my old website and they did a phenomenal job. I definitely looking forward to work with them in the future.

Ali Khan:

As the owner of a newly opened pharmacy, I am always finding new ideas to boost my sales. I did some research and found great reviews about the software development services of BackOffice. I must say I was extremely happy with the results. They truly are professional and creative. I have been able to increase my profit by 42% through online sales and it’s all because if their software development solution. Highly recommended.

Back Office has proved to be one of the best software development service provider in Dubai over the years. We guarantee all kinds of online solutions for businesses including custom mobile app developmentAndroid, iOS apps, and websites.

CoWorking Office Space Near Me

Flexible Memberships | Coworking and Private Offices‎

Focus on growing your business with an all-inclusive package.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an affordable space to rent? Or a freelancer who’s finding the perfect place to work? In either case, a coworking space can put an end to your search. A coworking space provides a perfect environment for hardworking individuals to work with other professionals.

Coworking and Private Offices‎

As compared to a traditional office, coworking space has people belonging to multiple fields, performing different kinds of work. Not only such places promote strong networking and communication skills, but it also creates a sense of community among the workers.

What is the concept of coworking?

Coworking is a service provision model for small businesses and self-employed individuals. This includes entrepreneurs, freelancers, and innovators working together under a shared roof. The office equipment and other amenities are the responsibility of the owner of the building.

Coworking is one of the most effective and productive concepts of the modern age workplace. It is widely accepted all around the world and has been recognized by tech giants such as Google and Facebook. People are more inclined towards such workplaces that promote independence, conform and professionalism.

Coworking Office Space | Affordable Co-Working Spaces‎

What are the benefits of coworking?

A coworking workplace offers many perks to small businesses, freelancers and young entrepreneurs. Due to the countless benefits of coworking spaces, this new and innovative is quite popular among millennials. Along with a professional environment, such offices feel as comfortable as your home giving you the best of both worlds. Here are some of the many advantages of a coworking office.

  • Cost-effective:

Coworking spaces offer budget-friendly monthly charges to their clients. The monthly fee is usually nominal and depends on the size of your team.

  • Improved productivity:

Working at home can be distracting. If you’re looking for a safe and professional environment for your next big project, Coworking Dubai office spaces is your best option. The people around you will serve as a constant source of motivation. It improves concentration making you more focused to achieve your target

  • Endless networking opportunities:

Since there are multiple startups and self-employed individuals working under one roof, there are numerous opportunities to socialize and gain exposure.

  • Comfort and additional facilities:

A coworking space consists of spacious and well-furnished meeting rooms and conference halls. On-site fitness center, health club and cafeteria are also available for employees in such facilities. The availability of high-speed wireless internet access is also guaranteed at all times. The administration and management of the building are responsible for all kinds of repair and maintenance.

Coworking Office Spaces in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Coworking Office Spaces in Dubai

Coworking Dubai spaces are gaining popularity with time and the UAE s no exception to it. People prefer to work in such places rather than in a typical office environment. If you’re looking for a reputable coworking space in Dubai, reach out to Back Office. Our coworking facilities are adequately furnished and well equipped with all the required amenities. Give us a call today at 044 327 666 and let us help you leave a long-lasting impression in the corporate sector.

Next Level Coworking Spaces in Dubai

Are you having financial constraint? Couldn’t afford a full fledge office setup? No worries! Back Office is the one step solution to all your physical space related problems. Your dream to work in a next level office space can be fulfilled now at an affordable price. In consideration of the best office facilities, the price you will pay will be minimal. Back Office will provide you best coworking office spaces in Dubai that will not only come up to your expectations but will also fulfill your need perfectly.

Shared Office

We completely understand that entrepreneurs or freelancers usually face financial constraints but they want the best physical space to work as it is one of the essential ingredients for success. Therefore, to assist you in achieving what you desire for, the Back office is here with next level coworking office space in Dubai with up-to-date technology and facilities essential for productive operations. It simplifies your office life and helps you in adjusting to ever-changing official dynamics. As the competition in the market is rising up, it makes it even more difficult to compete. With advanced technology-based office setup, now you can not only compete well but can also increase your business prospects.

Next Level Coworking Spaces in Dubai

One of the advantages of using coworking office spaces is that it gives an opportunity to professionals that they can interact with one another and extend their social circle. Networking is the bi-product of coworking Dubai. It entails that when different businesses and professionals work with each other in closed vicinity then they develop a mutual sense of ownership within themselves and ultimately it helps them in building strong ties with each other. These ties give them mutual benefits and facilitate them in achieving their short term as well as long term goals. Don’t miss out the opportunity of strong networking and go a step ahead to build your business.

Co-working Space in Dubai

Our coworking office spaces meet all the pre-requisites of being called as the next level coworking spaces with the provision of 360 degrees services. The best part is that it is located in the heart of Dubai which is easily accessible. Now you don’t have to worry about going to faraway places just to save cost. You can do it by sitting on the prime location in Dubai. Secondly, the other thing required for a next level coworking space is fully furnished office arrangement. It’s just a piece of cake for us! Our office structures and equipments are based on high end designs to suit your business necessities. Third, a dedicated crew of reception and administration colleagues comes as a part of the package. It is because we not only care about your physical space related issues but also workforce related problems. Therefore, our professional and dedicated staff will be ready to assist you in your day to day operations. Enjoy this cherry on the top!

Looking For The Ideal Workspace? Explore UAEs Largest Selection of Co-Working Spaces. Connect To A Lively Co-Working Community Today. Extraordinary Workspaces. Book Yours Now! All Facilities Included. Affordable Pricing. Fully Furnished. Flexible Rental Terms.

Hot Desks & Coworking Space in Dubai

What are the best co-working spaces in Dubai?

When the idea of coworking Dubai is coined, there are multiple brands that claim to be the best. Few of these include The Co-DUBAI, Sentinel Business Centers, NEST Dubai coworking space and various others. Although the aforementioned coworking Dubai office spaces claims to be the best but there are two attributes that differentiates Back Office from all of them. One is quality of service and the other is reliability. Our office spaces are not only for multinationals but also for private individuals who wish to have peaceful and serene place to work. The designing of our office spaces is done by top professionals so that productivity, collaboration, and innovation of our customers can be improved to next level. Among all the best coworking office space sin Dubai, Back office stands on the top.

Co-Working space Dubai

Back Office offers a variety of services to its customers each of the provided services is of topmost quality. One of the advantages of choosing Back Office coworking office spaces is that our clients gain access to the prime location of Dubai. It multiplies the chances of business growth to three times since it becomes easily accessible for its customers. Other advantages of using Back Office includes (1) Communication and IT (2) Multiple meeting rooms (3) Multiple receptions (4) Admin support (5) Dedicated switchboard number (6) Concierge services and many others.

Our offer is not limited to the above-mentioned advantages only rather we differentiate ourselves from others on the basis of the price that is charged for these services. You might think that like other Dubai coworking space providers, we also charge high for these services but it is not true. We keep your needs above our profits. Therefore, we are offering minimal prices for our services so it doesn’t leave a dent in the pocket of our customers.

Coworking Space in Jumeirah Lakes Tower

Back Office claims that it is the best coworking office space in Dubai located in Jumeirah Lakes Tower. The reason behind our claim is grounded in the features of coworking space:

  • Private office: Our coworking office space in Dubai is fully furnished & bespoke office solutions. It can be customized even more according to our customer’s requirements.
  • Co-working – Hot Desking: The scenery in front of our office space is great. We made sure that our customers get the option of working in natural light if they feel that it can boost up their creativity.
  • Guest: Remote and part-time workers looking for a professional working environment can work on their pay-as-you-go plan. It is up to them that they like to have an office space for a day or a month. They will be paying only for what they need.
  • Co-working – Dedicated: Dedicated, vibrant, and inspiring co-working spaces of entrepreneurs who wish to have a peaceful place to work. There are three easy steps to getting started (1) Sign-in (2) Pay for the space and (3) Scale-up as the business grows.

So rush and book your space before it’s too late.

Coworking Space Management Services

Coworking Space Management Services

Are you looking for a coworking office space in Dubai? Someplace where you can share your utility bills with others and have a decent work environment? The trend of co-working office space is become more popular today, especially amongst individuals who have started earning new and have little money to pay for their utilities all alone. Thus, for such youngsters with low incomes yet determined to make a brighter future for them, Dubai coworking space offers a great opportunity to start right

✦ Best Coworking Office Space

Imagine having a working space where you have your table, a cubicle, computer and every other corporate facility yet offers the comfort of that of a home. The thought itself is amusing of course. This is what a coworking space offers!

If you are looking for coworking Dubai office spaces, then contact Back Office right away! They are now renting out coworking space JLT for youngsters who wish to have a comfortable work environment that promotes creativity without any limitations.

Coworking Dubai is a feasible option for people who want to save something for their future. Although you can easily rent out a working space single-handedly, but the utility charges won’t let you take rest especially if you’re earning average. The biggest benefit of renting out a coworking space is that you’ll have a corporate-like work environment yet be absolutely free to do your thing.

Learn Something New Every Day

Coworking space is all about sharing your burden with others while owning your own space without having to worry about anyone else interfering.  Not only are you able to cut down on your expenses this way, but get in touch with other similar or different intellects and learn!

The fun lies here that you get to meet people from different fields of life, everyone either an expert in what they do or new to it. But either way, through conversations and commutes, you get to learn something new every day.

How to find a coworking office space near me?

Through Back office me for sure!

✦ What We offer?

Back Office is a complete facilitator, providing services that benefit you in every way. They offer the best coworking space in JLT today, thus satisfying you in every way and helping you grow. Here is what they offer:

  1. Fully furnished offices with facilities that are fit for business activities
  2. Within the heart of JLT so you don’t have to drive outside the city for long hours to reach your destination
  3. Affordable and spacious
  4. 24 hours security
  5. 24×7 internet service without interference
  6. The friendly crew at the reception to guide you through at every step of the way

You may find many organizations or places offering coworking space, but none can be better than Back Office. If you are genuinely looking for a place with like-minded people, a place that promotes creativity and is comfortable and secure then we at Back Office promise to facilitate you throughout your stay with us. We are a professional yet affordable service provider promising to keep you motivated!

Best Software Development Services in Dubai

Software Development Companies In Dubai

Isn’t it amazing to access your business from anywhere at any time? This is exactly what custom software development and web pages allow you to do. In this modern era of technology, every business owner is looking for an online platform that can help them gain stay connected to their customers. However, getting high-quality software development services at an affordable price still seems impossible for many entrepreneurs. That’s why, Back Office is striving to help small and big enterprises design custom software for their company.

Software Development Companies Reviews

Our software development services are one of the finest in the whole UAE. from development to deployment and maintenance, our experts supervise each and every step of the procedure. Still, don’t believe us? Here are some honest reviews from our loyal customers to help you give an insight into our services and form a better decision.

Best Software Development Services in Dubai – Reviews 2020

  • Adam Smith:

“I tried making my own website but it was clearly a bad idea as I couldn’t gain enough organic traffic to sustain it. So, I decided to hire a professional. A friend of mine suggested the software development services of Back Office and I must say their team didn’t disappoint me. Their online platform wasn’t only creating and attractive but also secure and user-friendly. They have helped to reach out to a larger audience through my website. Now I am working with their team to design a mobile application for my company.”

  • Saima Qureshi:

“Being a young entrepreneur, you’re always conscious about your spending. As much as growth and innovation are important, budget management is equally significant to run a company successfully. To kill both birds with one stone, I decided to avail the best software development services of Back Office. At first, I was skeptical to see their low prices but as I saw the end result, I was on top of the world. They offer exceptional services at affordable prices.”

  • Radhika Panday:

“When I say that Back Office is the best software development service in Dubai, I mean every single word of it. A few months ago, I was desperate to get custom software for my school and one of my staff members told me about the services of Back Office. I have to admit, their customer services are amazing. The involved me in every step of the development and kept me informed throughout the procedure. The final result was delivered in time and the best part is that it didn’t cost me a fortune.”

Top Software Development Companies Dubai, UAE

Businesses crave for loyal customers but it is not easy to make one. Customer retention is a strategic process which is not only time consuming but it also requires a lot of effort. With advent of digitalization, business software offers an efficient online platform for every company to engage with its customers. It allows organizations to interact with its clientele base 24/7 and manage its organic traffic in an organized manner. It ultimately results in a proper maintenance and control of your business activity. From official transactions, sales and promotions to valuable feedbacks, enterprise software can help you improve your services with every passing day. It connects with customers from the very first step till the last step hence keeping a track of all the operations without hassle and error.

Top Software Development Companies Dubai

Doesn’t our ultimate aim is to acquire loyal customers who keep on coming back? If you want to improve customer engagement, online platforms might be the answer. It helps you in reaching your maximum customers within no time for information dissemination. Correspondingly, customers can also contact the organization within no time. Investing in software development for your organization can bring your business to the new heights of success. It allows easy access to your services, to your clients and customers. It is the modern way of working in the market as with increased competition, it is important to strengthen the clientele base. Therefore, the modern era demands the adoption of efficient instruments for operations since customer satisfaction largely depends on it.

We are one of the best Software development service providers in Dubai. We take care of client needs perfectly because our core values include:

  • Trust: A successful partnership with customers demands an exchange of information based on transparency. We ensure honest communication with our customers with pre-set rules to avoid any discrepancies afterward.
  • Responsibility: We are responsible service providers which is clearly evident from our completely engaged team of developers. They coordinate and stay connected with the clients proactively in order to build better relations on the client-developers team line.
  • Constant Learning: Every day, a project or a conversation provides new knowledge. Keeping an open mind, listening to what others have to say, what the client’s feedback tells us and discussing openly our points of view is the key to our growth.
  • Partnership: Client-contractor relation isn’t enough for us. We consider customers as a part of our family so we try to know them better in order to support them and bring them closer to success.
  • People, not resources: We consider people as our valuable resources. Experiences, cooperative, well-matched and prepared for all kinds of problems prospectively occurring during the project. It’s their attitude and expertise that stand behind our brand.

Back Office Development Services

Best Software Development Services in Dubai

If you’re looking for a professional to handle your software development procedure, hiring us would be the best decision of your career. Visit our website to learn more about us or call us at 044 327 666 to get the process started.

How to Choose Business Software for Your Company

How to Choose Business Software for Your Company

Are you in the quest for the best Software Development Company in Dubai? Your quest is over then; Back Office is here for the rescue.

What are some good software companies in Dubai?

Back Office stands among the few good software development companies in Dubai. We have attained this position because our prime focus is to fulfill needs of the customers. Their need is our responsibility. It does not matter that whether our business customer is able to explain its problem or not, we have the expertise to judge it. Once the problem is identified, our team works day and night to resolve it through the development of customized software.

What makes us stand among the good software development companies in Dubai? It is our customer-focused approach. We consider our customer satisfaction as one of the key elements of business success. Our dedicated and competent team guarantees customer satisfaction without putting a dent in your pocket. Our software development services are customer friendly as well as pocket friendly. At back office, we charge minimal amount of development and maintenance charges which is decided in consideration of the level of software being designed.

There are multiple benefits that you will enjoy by selecting us as your software development service provider. These benefits include:

✦ Creative professionals

Software development demands innovation and creativity. Software developers should be imaginative in nature so that they can sense which feature is required by the client. Therefore, if you are planning to do something which you haven’t done before through software then our team is all geared up to support you. Our inventive expertise of software development is highly capable of designing features which will work as a magnet to draw and hold your customers. We are known because of the quality of our work. Our squad of developers is considered optimum in handling the process. While bridging the gap between equality and reality, we make sure that our software development service comes up to client’s expectations.

✦ Economical software development assistance

By opting for our software development services in Dubai, you will save your pocket from dent that is usually done by other Dubai software development companies. Usually the offers made by these companies are less budget-friendly.  So if you want to enjoy quality within your budget, then take us into service, because we are the paramount providers of software development services in Dubai, UAE.

✦ On-Time Assistance

No matter your organization needs assistance before, in between or after the development and deployment of software, our team of professionals will never disappoint you. We are more than happy to assist you anywhere or anytime you want. Your service is our privilege.

✦ Attainment of Organizational Goals

Our motto is never to compromise on quality and value everybody’s time. We guarantee services within the expected time. So do not think much, because BackOffice is all what you need.

Next Level Coworking Spaces in Dubai, UAE

Best Shared Office Space for Rent in Dubai

Feel the feel of working in a corporate office but at a very affordable price. The idea of coworking office spaces is quite novel but remarkably efficient. It reduces the fixed cost of businesses hence posing a positive impact over its profitability. Client is expected to pay an affordable rent in return of not just the office space and a desk but many other facilities. Our office spaces are the best ones among all as the services we have to offer is much more than the rent we are charging. Our clients are our priceless assets and we do our best to serve them well.

Best Shared Office Space for Rent in Dubai

Shared Office Spaces for Rent in Dubai

Co-working space in Dubai

The question that usually popup in the mind of clients is that ‘what will we get in return of the rent we are paying?’ the only answer we have for this question is ‘everything you want and desire for’. We assure you that the opportunity cost for small amount of money is quite remarkable which is evident from a list of satisfied clients. Our friendly management and staff understand client issues while working day and night to resolve it in the best possible manner. Our overall package does not only cater office space and a desk but it has many other features which are one of the best in quality. For example a 24 hour internet services are included in the package. It is one of the best internet services that we have with us as it quite speedy and interrupted, saving your time and making operations more efficient. We value your time, it’s not yours, its ours! We want you to attain the most in the least possible manner.

Coworking Spaces on Rent in Dubai, UAE

Best Shared Office Space for Rent in Dubai UAE

Additionally, our office space is located at a prime location saving cost of transportation and increasing business prospects.  It is easily accessible for all. The equipments installed in our offices are quite handy and easy to use. It is a deliberate attempt to give you a corporate office feel. The interior decor supplements it. We have enmeshed the idea of coworking office spaces with corporate environment so that our clients can feel comfortable and can work professionally. Furthermore, we also offer 24-hour security to our clients for the provision of protected working environment. The management controls access within workspaces to avoid unwanted interruptions. Last but not the least, management of phone calls, postal mails and critical support is the responsibility of our administrative staff. They have been trained to support in the best possible manner. So now you have a reason to choose us, the rent we are charging is insignificant in terms of the return we are offering to our customers. BackOffice is in between you and your success. Come work with us and accomplish unattainable.

Call Center Solutions Guide

Top 5 Benefits of Call Center Solutions

Top Benefits of Call Center Solutions

By using call center solutions constructively, a wide horizon of solutions can be addressed and that includes;

Effective management of the customer-related problems

Call Center Benefits

The customer communication is essential, as far as the business is concerned. It is a key competitive differentiator. And for us, everything comes next when solving a customer’s issue or problem, because customer comes first, always. The backOffice team is well trained when dealing with customer issues. Whatever the issue, may it be technical or non-technical, the customer is facing,we provide proper support to it for the optimization of the workflow. In order to strengthen the customer-company relationship, call center solution is an excellent approach.

Call center solutions are cost-effective

Managing a call center in Dubai and anywhere else is highly expensive as it includes the salaries or wages for Agents, supervisors, management, electricity bills, periodic maintenance of pieces of equipment and the rent of the place where all this is running. So why to waste your profit gained from business and hard work, on such a system, which can be easily run by a third party in less amount of money? It’s time for you to spend your profit on yourself and your loved ones, by contacting us and only paying for the services you hire.

✩ Performance and workforce management

If you are planning to setup a call center for your business, then BackOffice will be best for you, as we are the most experienced call center solution providers in Dubai. The business can reach the heights of success, productivity and profitability, with the right call center solutions. Moreover, BackOffice team works as a single unit, which is highly appreciated in an office environment. We take care of our employees, may it be in terms of monthly bonus, pressure-free environment as in the heads leads their colleagues from the front rather than dictating them, etc, and in return they work really hard for us so that we may satisfy your expectations.

✩ Time saving

By opting us, you can rely on our experts to manage this delivery for you. And since the employees are under us, so you will not have to keep a check on them, no need of maintenance of the equipments as this will be our responsibility to do that, and you will be free from all the other time-consuming things. Thus this is a golden opportunity for you to save your precious time and utilize it on yourself.

✩ Timely Project Submission

Last but not least, designing and implementation of an in-house call center in Dubai, demands a lot of coordination efforts, plus the risk of going over the budget is always there and missing the launch date. But by outsourcing, we promise to provide you the best center services in Dubai within budget and always on time.

Call Center Solutions Benefits

Ever heard of killing two birds with one stone? Choosing us is exactly like that. Since all these functionalities are present in a single location, we can deliver you a greater value than the individual service. So if you want your business to experience an effective solution in terms of cost and productiveness, do not think twice, grab your phone and call us now!

Archiving and Records Management for Businesses

Archiving and Records Management for Businesses

The exchange of data is one of the key roles of every business. From invoices to product history and client’s information, companies deal with tones of data on a daily basis. This frequent production of data needs to be controlled and stored systematically and efficiently. For this purpose, businesses hire third-party organizations for their archiving and record keeping.

Archiving is the process of storing business records that are no longer needed, however; these files may be required for future reference special in case of a legal activity. A company’s archives retained for regulatory compliance, should be arranged n such a manner that they can be easily accessed. At the same time, the integrity of sensitive information should remain intact.

Document management:

Maintaining business records requires a secure environment where the storage and classification of corporate documents can be carried out easily. From the creation of data to their disposal, record management facilities are responsible for every action taken on these files.

A reputable archiving facility follows international standards and record management policies. This makes it easier for companies to retain information for internal and external audits and other legal and financial procedures. Old files can also be preserved by digital data conversion through document scanning.

Benefits of Records Management:

The demand for records management and archiving facilities are increasing rapidly in the corporate sector due to their many benefits. Here’s how your company can make the most of document archiving services.

  • Guaranteed safety of sensitive information leading to improved compliance
  • Improved to access unwanted old records in case of emergency situations.
  • Easy retrieval of digital data and intellectual property.
  • Strategic preservation to enhance document classification.
  • Cost effective storage of large files
  • Reduced risk of data theft and mismanagement.

To make the most of the above-mentioned features, an experienced and reliable third-party organization is all you need. Not only this will be budget-friendly for your business, but it will also eliminate the need for extra storage space.

Best record management and archiving solution in UAE:

If you’re searching for the perfect business management partner for your company, BackOffice is the ultimate solution to all your record management problems. Our record management services and archiving services are on the best in the entire UAE. The storage facilities are well equipped with cutting edge technologies to keep your document secure. There is ample space to keep your paper-based as well as electronic files. Our custom fitted facilities are spacious enough t facilitate both large and small scale business data. We follow international protocols to avoid all sorts of legal issues. With all the latest technology, we also invest in professional and skilled staff to handle your files with the utmost care. To know more about us give us a call at 044 327 666.

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How Long Should You Actually Keep Your Business Records

Business Record Management

How Long Should You Actually Keep Your Business Records

In the modern paperless era, record management looks extremely boring. However, documents such as sales invoices, tax returns, bank statements, expense receipts, and payroll records come with a lot of legal responsibility. Even if you don’t use them for future reference, businesses are legally obliged to save essential data for a certain amount of time. it is imperative for every business to understand the process of business record management and store corporate files methodically.

Conventionally, there are a few basic guidelines that are followed internationally to ensure the effective storage of sensitive information. The Internal Revenue Service has established some rules and regulations which describe the length of time to keep documents. These rules vary depending on the type of information stored by an organization. Documentation related to tax returns should be kept until the due date of tax returns runs out. Most lawyers and bookkeeping services recommend a time period of seven years to store original documents related to tax audits and lawsuits. It is also advised to keep extra copies of your tax returns in order to ease the process of taxation in the future.

Apart from the general rules, the following are some additional instructions to store specific documents.

Record Management Dubai

Payroll tax records:

Tax deduction upon the salaries of your employees might seem like a monthly or annual task but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This process includes all information regarding sheets, employee information, and benefit payments. Therefore, according to experts, employee tax records should be stored safely for almost four years from the date you paid the taxes.

Employee records:

Collecting and updating information about your employees is significant for every company. The information of your staff includes all sorts of personal data, resume, performance reviews and other human resource files. However, you don’t have to keep them for decades after they’ve left your company. According to IRS, the recommended timespan to keep records of a former employee is seven years. Additionally, if a worker is injured during their stay at your organization, it is advisable to store any relevant data after making the compensation. This will help you avoid false insurance claims in the future.

Recruitment information:

According to international standards, if your business has more than 15 employees, there are certain laws that must be kept in consideration such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). These laws shed light on how an organization should be managing their hiring records. Therefore, if you fall under a certain category, it is mandatory to keep an eye out for legal obligations while managing recruitment information.

Ownership Records:

Every business owner is well known about the importance of ownership documents. Formation documents such as articles of organization (for LLCs) and articles of incorporation should be kept for an indefinite period of time. In addition, every organization should keep property records and valuable contracts permanently to avoid legal problems in the future.

Accounting Services Records:

Financial records include bank statements, canceled cheques, credit card statements, and paid invoices. Such type of sensitive data should be secured for almost 7 years. Other monthly statements may be properly disposed of or shredded after a year.

If keeping track of bookkeeping rules and regulations is hard for you as a business owner, it is better to leave it for a professional. BackOffice is an experienced records management services in Dubai. We have been serving in the records management industry for more than a decade. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

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Records Management for Businesses

Document Storage Solutions in Dubai

Hassle Free Document Storage Solution in Dubai | We Pack, Collect & Store

Every business owner understands the importance of secure data management. Proper documentation plays a key role in audit preparedness and compliance specially when dealing with heavy state and federal regulations. You cannot afford to lose a single document when preparing for an annual audit. Losing important paperwork will not only cost your company a heavy fine but also tarnish your reputation in the industry. Your license may get canceled as a result of inefficient documentation.

Record Management Services

However, collecting and organizing official data can be stressful and full of hassle. It can significantly decrease the productivity of your employees making them frustrated. Whether you deal with hard-copies or digital data, the best practice to manage business documents is leaving it to the experts.

Document Management System

Document storage solutions prevent loss of critical data and protect important files from damage. They preserve your records such that you can easily access them when required. This also helps to avoid potential data breaches and threats, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Secure Document Storage in Dubai:

Are you experiencing productivity loss or tired of retrieving meaningful data from a huge pile of files? Let Back Office handle all your document storage solution and management needs. We have invested in the latest technology to guarantee safety and convenience. Our custom-fitted storage facilities are equipped with CCTV cameras which ensures physical and logical security round the clock. We are certified by PRISM International and possess ISO27001:2013 certification for information security.

Contact us today to learn more about us.

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