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Banking Solutions Services in UAE

Our banking services portfolio assist financial institutions in flawlessly carrying out their core functions. For Islamic institutions, our services complement the banks’ services related to Goods and Auto Murabaha, Sala’am, and Ijarah services. We not only ensure that your transactions are carried out as per the instructions of the Shari’ah board but the process also ensures risk mitigation.

Our processes are based on ISO 27001-2013 ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Services highlights:

  • Liability Settlement
  • Contact Point Verification statement
  • e-statement printing and dispatching
  • Post-dated Cheques management
  • Fixed Asset Verification

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Islamic Banking Solutions

Besides many non-core activities outsourcing solutions, provision of our flagship Murabaha services for Islamic Banks as per Shariah requirements

Contact Point Verification

Experience our well demanded automated CPV service which decreases the customer acquisition time with peace of mind

Printing Statement & E-statements

As a well demanded solution, our banking clients count upon us to not only print statements pertaining to various products for their customers.

Cheque Management

Experts in banking services and supplementary banking tools and activities, our team has also extended its expertise in cheque management.

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