Data cleansing, is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. An organization in a data-intensive field like banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, or transportation might use a data scrubbing tool to systematically examine data for flaws by using rules, algorithms, and look-up tables.

BackOffice FZ LLC data cleansing process fixes misspellings, abbreviations, and errors. BackOffice services can help improve the quality of data. These services include the aggregation, organization, and cleansing of data. These data cleansing and management services can ensure that your databases – part and material files, product catalog files, Customer database and item information etc. – are current, accurate and complete.

Our data cleansing service offers staff with experience organizing and cleaning up SQL Server databases that just aren’t providing the decision support your business needs. If that means creating new connections, we can do it. If that means updating existing databases and processes, we’ll learn your business process and applications. We deal with current SQL server data cleansing issues to prevent future data problems.

Our Data Cleansing Services address the integrity and efficiency of your databases in relationship to your business environment.

Our capabilities for data cleansing and enrichment services include:

  • Data aggregation, organization, and cleansing
  • De-duplication: eliminate duplicate records which might be similar looking records

Identification of missing or incomplete data